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Captain Jetson is a one-stop source for AVIATION and TRAVEL news & information

Here are the two (dual) niche categories of writers who write for Captain Jetson:

1. Captain Jetson Aviation or Travel Team Journalists (CJ Team Contributors)

How does it appeal to become a part of our worldwide aviation or travel journalist team and regularly write for Captain Jetson?

Would you like to report to our readers about breaking news & information about airlines, airliners, flights, air travel, airfares, and other aviation- or travel subjects?

Captain Jetson is a very fast-growing News & Information site, not a Blog or a “Travel-Blogger” site.

Thus we publish articles, not posts.

We are looking for frequent contributing journalist interns, providing fresh, high-quality niche-related engaging aviation or travel in general content.

At this time we are mainly looking for aviation writers: airline flight attendants and other airline professionals, and AVgeek-writers (writers who are fans of aviation, but not necessarily aviation professionals themselves).

Tell us why you want to write for us and if you have any previous aviation-writer experience.

Please contact us by direct email here, or use the contact form here. Attn: Les.

2. Independent Travel Article Contributors

Travel in general writers

We get a lot of emails every day from people and bloggers who want to write for Captain Jetson.

At this time, we are only considering a very few article contributions outside of our own regular travel writer staff. Our decisions on who to consider are based on our current needs, criteria, and policies.

However, we always love to hear from you. Here is the procedure:

1) Submit your inquiry

Write us an initial inquiry and tell us why and what you want to contribute to Captain Jetson Aviation & Travel.

Not required initially, but please send us your MS doc article example(s) of, or link(s) to your previous article(s), if any.

Please contact us by direct email here, or use the contact form here. Attn: Lauretta.

If you wish to submit high-quality content news or tips-worthy aviation or travel article:

  • Links must lead to an article-related high-quality site, which content is meaningful to our readers.
  • Links leading to “spammy”, low quality, or to sites outside of our niches will not be accepted.
  • Articles containing references or links to a certain category of sites, such as booking engines, even high-quality booking engines, will not be accepted.
  • Every article will be checked by our SEO agency for an evaluation of possible “keyword stuffing” and linking-quality.
  • We will send you a PDF file of Guidelines and Policies after first determining if your proposed article conforms with our content and niche standards.

2) After sending your inquiry

We will send you an answer as soon as we have a chance to process your inquiry.

Then, if it proceeds to a mutual agreement your article will be published on our site.

About Captain Jetson

You can read about us here.

Captain Jetson is a dual-niche site

Our two niches are

1) Aviation expertise (i.e. airlines), and

2) Travel expertise in general.

Whether the reader wants information about aviation, air, land, or sea travel, or international cultures, you, the writer can provide the answer!

We want the reader to find the tips and solutions they are looking for.

Aviation is our primary niche, however. And no wonder, after investing more than 30 years of full-time professional major airline flying and travel experience. We offer a unique aviation-travel content-expertise only a few others can!

Regardless of which of our two niches (or both) you write about you must present your article to the reader as a topic expert!

Who and where are our readers?

Our readers come to us because they are seeking expert references to aviation and travel-related topics. Content includes news, tips, information, advice, destination discoveries, answers and solutions to their aviation and travel needs.

The majority of our readers are millennials (born between 1981 and 1996). They are professionals, college-educated, higher-income earners. Most live in big cities in the U.S., UK, and on the European continent, Australia, and Canada. These are all English-speaking countries or countries in Europe where English is widely understood.

The huge Tahiti visitor-attraction to our site is largely a result of our popularity as a top Tahiti travel expert. We are helping to promote tourism for the 118 islands that Tahiti in French Polynesia consists of.

Content Expansion plans, Writer Inspiration & Ideas


We are also about to expand the site to include the additional needs for our ever-increasing readership demands for aviation news and information.

The expanding sections will be based on the heavy feedback of needs from our fellow experienced airline and corporate pilots, flight attendants, airline employees, and all other categories of aviation professionals.

This segment of our readership includes visitors who are aviation professionals themselves. We also have people seeking airline or aviation careers. Yet, another segment of readers simply loves aviation topics, as well as travel in general.

Travel in General

We experienced a large increase in reader-feedback. A while back we asked our readers what they wanted to see more of on Captain Jetson.

Thus, we introduced our Travel-Skills 101 segment on the site. This is a very popular, new service to our readers who seek to expand their personal development and self-improvement skills within thousands of subject areas, not just within the aviation and travel subjects.

Video Production

We are also getting ready to serve our readers to include Vlogs. We consider great aviation or travel niche video contributions. All videos to be featured exclusively under the Captain Jetson Brand.

Keeping it simple for every reader

Regardless of the reader’s background, Captain Jetson provides aviation and travel-topic information in articles that anyone can understand. Content must be in an easy to read plain language format

Updated July 3 , 2019

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