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The following information is currently in effect, as of September 4, 2019:

Aviation is our primary niche, with Travel In General-subjects being a secondary niche. And no wonder, after 33 years of full-time major airline flying and non-stop worldwide travel we do know a thing or two about our niches. We provide you with a unique “insider” aviation and travel content-expertise that only a few others have!

Travel Writer Contributors:

We get a lot of emails every day from writers and agencies who want to contribute to CaptainJetson.com.

Since we have our own team of in-house writers we are not accepting any guest-writer contributors.

However, if you are interested in joining our in-house journalist-team, please read “Aviation Writer Contributors” below.

Furthermore, Captain Jetson does NOT accept link-requests.

If you still contact us to inquire about a guest contribution or a link request your email may not be answered, due to the very high amount of these inquiries we get every day.

Aviation Writer Contributors:

We are looking for more in-house writers with the professional background or experience as:

* Airline Flight Attendants.

* Airline Pilots.

* Other Airline & Aviation Professionals.

* AvGeek writers. An “AvGeek” is an aviation enthusiast with general knowledge of the aviation industry, but not necessarily a professional or “insider” of the aviation/airline industry himself/herself.

Captain Jetson Aviation Journalists

How does it appeal to become a part of our worldwide aviation journalist team and regularly write for Captain Jetson?

Would you like to report to our readers about breaking news & information about airlines, airliners, frequent flyers, flights, air travel, or even aviation- topics for fellow aviation professionals?

We are looking for frequent contributing aviation journalist volunteers, providing fresh, high-quality niche-related engaging aviation content.

Submit your inquiry

Tell us why and what you want to contribute to Captain Jetson, and please let us know your aviation background (i.e. aviation professional or AvGeek-writer experience, etc).

Not required, but please send us your MS doc article example(s) of, or link(s) to your previous article(s), if any.

Please contact us by direct email here, or use the contact form here.

After sending your inquiry

We will send you an answer as soon as we have a chance to process your inquiry.

Then, if it proceeds to a mutual agreement your article will be published on our site.

In exchange, you will gain valuable exposure as an aviation expert on the renowned Captain Jetson aviation/airline-authority sight.

Keeping it simple for every reader

Regardless of the reader’s background, Captain Jetson provides aviation and travel-topic information in articles that anyone can understand. Content must be in an easy to read plain American English language format

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