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What is Captain Jetson?

Captain Jetson, an Airline & Travel News Publication, is an aviation and travel-in-general authority resource with decades of full-time professional airline and travel experience & expertise.

Aviation-journalists wanted

Captain Jetson is currently looking for Aviation-Journalist volunteers. Please contact us here if you are interested.

Captain Jetson Contributors or Guest Posting Acceptance Policy

P.S. We are NOT looking for travel-in-general writers.

Since we have our own team of in-house writers we are NOT accepting OUTSIDE guest-writer contributors, link-requests, writers looking for a backlink in exchange for an article contribution, or inquiries from PR-agencies offering articles representing a business client.

Due to the large number of emails that we receive every day we are not able to respond to inquiries not conforming to our policies. Please read our policies and guidelines here:

Aviation/Airline/Flying Journalists

Aviation/Airline News is Captain Jetson’s PRIMARY niche, with Travel-In-General News being our secondary niche.


  • Airline Pilots & Flight Attendants.
  • Airline Employees with experience (all fields, all the way up to airline management).
  • Military pilots.
  • Other pilots, from Private pilots to Professional pilots who enjoy reporting about flying.
  • All other Airline & Aviation Professionals, even Aeromedical Professionals.
  • Airline/Aviation Journalists.
  • AvGeek (Fan of Aviation) Journalists.

If you enjoy writing we are always looking for frequent contributing airline/aviation journalist volunteers, providing fresh, riveting, high-quality niche-related engaging airline/aviation news or trending content.

write for captain jetson
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What is the definition of a journalist?

A journalist is a person who writes for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or prepares news to be broadcast.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes a journalist as a person engaged in journalism especially: a) A writer or editor for a news medium b) A writer who aims for a mass audience, and 3) A person who keeps a journal.

What are the benefits of becoming a Captain Jetson Aviation Journalist?

  • You can gain valuable, heavy exposure as an airline/aviation expert on the renowned Captain Jetson aviation/airline & travel-authority site.
  • Get your own dedicated author-page on Captain Jetson, with your name, bio, picture, featuring every article you write on the site.
  • You can create a name for yourself as an aviation-authority reporter, which you can add to your reputation and resume as a journalist.
  • Captain Jetson will elevate and promote your name as a reporter in the aviation and travel world.
  • You will be in an excellent position to practice what you love and know best: reporting the news and trends as they happen in the airline/aviation world.

How to become a Captain Jetson in-house Journalist

Submit your inquiry to write for Captain Jetson

Please send us your MS doc article example(s) of or link(s) to your previous article(s).

Please contact us by direct email here, or use the contact form here.

After sending your inquiry

We will send you an answer as soon as we have a chance to process your inquiry. Your inquiry to join our team will also be evaluated by Alex Martinez Rivera, our Senior Airline/Aviation Journalist.

Then, if it proceeds to a mutual agreement your article will be published on our site.

Keeping it simple for every reader

Regardless of the reader’s background, Captain Jetson provides airline/aviation and travel-topic news-information in articles that anyone can understand. As an American website, our content must be in an easy to read plain American English language format

Captain Jetson’s staff mainly consists of people who have spent their entire professional lives working full-time for the airlines, the aviation industry, and the travel industry.

Captain Jetson is an Aviation & Travel News-Authority Brand

As highly experienced professionals within our fields, we have a collective background that enables us to provide the reader with an unparalleled “inside the industry” resource of expertise and information available for every topic we present.

The information that we provide the reader with comes from a combined background, education, expertise, insider knowledge, and experience like only a few other news-sources can provide.

Captain Jetson is a Unique Publication

Our readers benefit from the solid insider knowledge of airlines, aviation, and travel that we can provide. The diverse experiences and expertise that the Captain Jetson Journalist-team can offer on those diverse news-topics can only be obtained from decades of deep professional diverse backgrounds within the fields.

The Growth of Captain Jetson

During our relatively short time on the world wide web, we have been experiencing phenomenal month-over-month growth. Our articles frequently reach TOP NEWS of Google News, as well as the #1 page in search results for the topics we write about. You will also find us on Apple News. Thus, we maintain a very high standard of quality of the articles we publish on our very rapidly growing and increasingly popular authority news-site.

The whole idea of a senior airline captain starting a combined airline/aviation/travel topics news-site, teaming up with the best-qualified Journalist/Editor/SEO Agency/Media & Brand- Marketer/Other Support-Team we can find? UNIQUE! …at least we believe it is :-).

One of our many Brand Animations (video)

Ready to join us? Line Up and Wait, then… Cleared for take-off!

Captain Jetson was established in May of 2018 by Captain Les “Captain Jetson”, an airline pilot with a major US Airline since 1987. Captain Les first started flying in 1978.

Featured Image: CaptainJetson.com.

What is a Journalist?

A journalist is defined as a “person who writes for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or prepares news to be broadcast”. In other words, the job of a journalist is to the readers interested, and riveted, wanting to digest everything the writer shares with the reader.

What is an Aviation Journalist?

An Aviation Journalist is a reporter who specializes and covers news and information about aviation. Aviation covers all aspects of matters relating to flying, airplanes, and airlines.

What is a Travel Journalist?

A Travel Journalist is a reporter who specializes and covers news and information about all modes of travel. Travel and Culture topics are often intermingled. For example, a Travel Journalist reporting on a destination would most likely include the culture unique to that destination, from foods to the habits and norms of the locals.

What is Journalism?

Journalism is the activity of writing for publications, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, and websites. A journalist also prepares news to be broadcast in the media.

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