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Passport Renewal: How to renew your passport Faster, more Convenient and Efficient

Time for that dreaded passport renewal again?

Here’s how you can easily renew your passport without being inconvenienced by waiting for a long time to receive your passport.

You can cut down on days of processing time and all that hoopla which goes with the renewal process.

Most people have their passports renewed the traditional way. People most often go to the post office, handling the process through U.S. mail. This is okay if you have lots of time before your old passport expires. But this method also involves a slow process with snail mail and risk of never receiving your passport.

Tip: Do not have your new passport mailed to you by U.S. mail with no tracking or proof of delivery!

Here’s why:

A passport is a valuable document. The U.S. Department of State will send your new passport as regular U.S. mail to your address.

…And this is where you may have problems: As most of us are aware, the U.S. Postal Service mail delivery is not reliable!

For instance, my neighbor’s passport ended up in my mailbox, wrong delivery by the mail carrier. That was one week before she was to go on her vacation to Europe.

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You can just imagine the fate of her passport had it been delivered to a dishonest person’s address, or perhaps to an illegal alien in need of a U.S. Passport.

Suggested ways on how to renew your passport the easy way

Here are the methods that will help to avoid the uncertainties and possibilities of your new passport not being delivered to you as expected:

A GOOD way to handle passport transactions:

If you live close to a Federal Building with a U.S. Department of State passport office: Make an online appointment to renew your passport in person. Have your passport picture taken first, and pre-complete the paperwork. You can download the necessary documents on the U.S. Department of State’s website. You can also arrange to return to pick up your new passport in person at the same place. Expedited service is available, subject to current State Department rules.

If you need to renew your passport when you are abroad, simply go to the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate in the country where you are. Request pick-up of your new passport in person.


A BETTER way to handle passport transactions:

Most Federal Buildings will have several local businesses in the area, catering to handling your passport renewal for you. They handle the documentation needed. Paperwork, passport pictures, delivery and pick up of your new passport are all included in their service.


Here’s the method that many people find the easiest when renewing a passport

The BEST way to handle passport transactions:

Use an online reputable 24-hour passport renewal service. Such a service will help you and do everything for you from the comfort of your computer. One U.S. nationwide service widely recommended is a company called Rush My Passport. Their service is also #1 rated by the Wall Street Journal.

Beyond passport renewal Rush My Passport also offers new, lost, stolen, damaged, child, passport pages, name change, and second passport services and transactions.

Click the Rush My Passport picture to learn more:


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