Where To Travel In March: 2 Affordable USA Destinations

Where to travel in March?

You may find an article focusing on March travel unusual. March is not typically known as a vacation travel month. However, this time a year is actually a great time to travel!

But why is March a good time for travel, where do I go, and why?

The colder months are getting behind us and spring is just right around the corner. This means that getting from place to place will be much easier, and March can be a cheap time to travel.

March is also the time well before humidity sets in, when the air in many places in the U.S. become moist, which feels miserable for some.

The truth is there are a ton of locations that are great during this time of year. Below we are going to explore two great locations that are perfect for March travel.

Each of these destinations has something different to offer and both can be done on a budget.

Welcome to New Orleans and Washington D.C.:

1. Bustling New Orleans, Louisiana

Preservation Hall, French Quarter, New Orleans
Here I am in front of the Preservation Hall, a Landmark of New Orleans Jazz History.

If you have never been to New Orleans before, you are in for a real treat. While Mardi Gras will be done in March, this can be a perfect time to visit. The crowds will be gone and the prices on accommodations will be much cheaper.

What to see and do around New Orleans

There is a lot to do in this very old historic city. Not only can you enjoy drinks on Bourbon Street, but you can also take a walk on the wild side and take a free local Voodoo tour. This is a great way to learn the history of the city from those who call it home.

Another amazing activity that you can take part in is a steamboat cruise down the river. There are lots of operator offering steamboat cruises, so do a Google search to figure which one you like.

A Google search should also be used to find a recommended tour of a local historic plantation. 

Take a step back in time and travel like the residents did many years ago. This is a fun way to explore the area and it is a great activity for the entire family!

French Quarter

trumpet player new orleans
Dixieland Jazz is a New orleans form of jazz, which you can hear all over town, in the streets and inside clubs.
map of french quarter
The French Quarter is the “happening place” of New Orleans. 

The French Quarter is also called the Vieux Carré, which translates from French to “Old Square”. 

New Orleans was established by French settlers in 1718. 

The French Quarter dates back to the 1890s, when it first evolved into a destination for tourists.

French Quarter home
A charming home in the French Quarter

3 must-experience recommendations for the French Quarter

I) Beignets are a Louisiana-specialty pastry. No trip to New Orleans is complete without trying out this local specialty. Cafe Beignet is one of the best places to get your fix of this sugar and carb-rich New Orleans staple.

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II) New Orleans is the home of Jazz. Preservation Hall commands a mandatory visit if you want to experience this historic symbol of the New Orleans heritage. Once the stomping grounds for the likes of Luis Armstrong and many other jazz-greats, you can learn more about its history here.

How about an Alligator Burger, or Alligator Sausage?

nawlins cafe, french quarter
N’awlins Cafe is a French Quarter culinary staple.

III) The place to experience the best New Orleans food would be to visit the world-famous N’awlins Cafe

Check out their other menu items, too, such as the voodoo burger, crawfish, gumbo, po’boy sandwich, and of course, the shrimp!

crawfish dish
Crawfish, also called Creyfish or Crawdads resemble small lobsters (to which they are indeed related).

Cap it off with a classic Bourbon Mint Julep?

mint julep
Mint Julep is as New Orleans as New Orleans comes.

Since you are here to experience New Orleans, I’d recommend you walk around the quarters and find yourself a local bar.

And yes, the whole French Quarter is generally a safe area. You may, however, pass by an occasional obnoxious loud drunkard. If you do, ignore him or her and simply move on. There you can strike up a conversation with New Orleans locals.

Chances are you will discover that great Southern hospitality, socializing while enjoying your drink in a genuine New Orleans French Quarter bar.

If you don’t drink alcohol, then perhaps ask for a non-alcoholic Virgin Pina Colada?

2. Washington D.C. – the Nation’s Capital

White House, Washington, DC
I love sightseeing in Washington, DC, our Nation’s Capital. Here from the White House.

A visit to the nation’s capital is a great way to spend spring-time.

During this time of year, the world-famous cherry blossoms will begin to appear. These trees were given to our country by Japan as a token of friendship.

While this city is a major urban hub, it is also surrounded by a beautiful natural environment.

Washington comes alive in March as the weather is much warmer and people are starting to enjoy the outdoors.

There is so much to see and do in Washington D.C. 

In order to appreciate all the attractions, you’d need a whole week here. If your time here is limited, you would need to pick the attractions that interest you the most.

Where to stay

Washington Hilton
Washington Hilton, a very nice and location-convenient hotel in DC.

When you visit D.C. I’d recommend you stay in a location close to the area where you find the Washington Monument and the White House. In that way you will be within walking distance of most worthwhile attractions, avoiding unnecessary extra transportation expenses.

My favorite hotel in D.C. is the Washington Hilton Hotel. Although a B&B would be cheaper, the Washington Hilton Hotel is simply worth the cost, which can often be had for an affordable expense by conducting a hotel rate search. You can also check rates here directly. 

Did you know the Washington Hilton is the hotel where President Ronald Reagan’s assassination attempt by John Hinckley Jr. took place on March 30, 1981? 

If you go outside the hotel at the rear downstairs entrance you can still find the criminal’s bullet-holes left in the property’s structure.

What to do and see in D.C.

Washington Monument and the White House
The Washington Monument. The White House in the 1 o’clock position right.

A trip to the National Zoo is a fun way to spend time if you travel with the family. There are also many parks in the area to enjoy and they are a great place to have a picnic.

For those who love the nightlife, you will be happy to find that D.C. Clubs are starting to heat up during this time of year. There are also many bars and restaurants that stay open late. After a night of dancing, city dwellers (and sometimes politicians and their aides) often love to get a quick bite to eat at one of the local street vendor trucks before heading home.

Washington DC Sightseeing, Monuments & Museums

If you want to experience the sights for free there is no better way than planning a walking sightseeing route.

Here is a website that lists free attractions in Washington D.C. 

Then decide what you like to see and do, depending on your own interests and agenda.

Again there is so much to experience here. 

Capitol Building, DC
Capitol Building

Washington D.C. Must-Experience List

Here is my must-experience list, whether you travel alone, with someone, or as a family:

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