Turkish Airlines wants to increase Dhaka flight frequency

Expanding Airline Operations

Turkish Airlines is an airline in expansion, eyeing its flight frequency to Dhaka. The airline is managed by the Turkish government.

The airline operates one daily flight between Istanbul and Dhaka, Bangladesh. In addition to passenger service, a scheduled cargo route will soon go into effect.

Turkish Airlines performance vs worldwide airline stats

Approximately 4.3 billion revenue airline passengers were flown on a worldwide basis in 2018.

Turkish Airlines claimed a little over one million of that market sharing of the world’s airline passenger numbers.

The reason behind Turkish Airlines’ Dhaka expansion plans

Statistics show that the number of passengers on the Istanbul-Dhaka route has been steadily increasing in the past year.

Turkish has seen a 20% to 25% increase in revenue passengers carried since 2017. That is a pretty nice year-over-year increase.

Achieving profits, the airline is eyeing expansion possibilities.

Increased operating frequency on the Istanbul to Dhaka route is a part of that expansion plan.

Most passengers traveling from Bangladesh to Turkey are mainly European flyers. Travelers also use this route to proceed to Canada and America, connecting in Istanbul.

Due to common Turkish visa-challenges presented to foreigners only 8 percent of the passengers actually end up in Turkey as their final destination.

Turkish Airlines Management’s view on Bangladesh

A spokesperson for the Turkish airline said that there are 17 million people in Bangladesh, with 30 percent of people now traveling by air.

Since the Bangladeshi market is such a profitable operation for Turkish Airlines, they want to increase that segment.  

The challenge of implementation, however, lies in lacking the new numbers of aircraft needed for such an expansion.

The spokesperson also pointed out that Bangladesh is badly in need of an up-to-date large international airport to accommodate its air transport needs.

The main problem of the Bangladesh aviation infrastructure

Turkey has made great progress in the aviation industry over the last few years.

If Bangladesh wants to follow suit, then the most important areas of achieving progress lie in an effective and professional airport management structure.

Another big thing lacking in the Bangladeshi airline industry is a people-friendly structure and the improved customer service needed to elevate its’ reputation.  

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