The Glamping Craze: Today’s Top Competitor Alternative To Airbnb

Glamping has become a top competitor alternative to Airbnb in today’s world. The glamping style of vacationing has also become the biggest threat to Airbnb’s concept of what vacation lodging should be all about.

top competitor alternative to airbnb. Yurt.
A GlampingHub yurt. A yurt is a circular tent/felt or skins fastened to a collapsible framework. The yurt-design is inspired by nomads in Siberia, Mongolia, and Turkey.

But, what is glamping?

Glamping is a type of camping that involves facilities and accommodation more luxurious than what we associate with traditional camping.

Grain silo. Glamping top competitor alternative to airbnb.
Grain silo glamping.

Who is glamping typically for?

Glamping is most likely to satisfy any city slicker looking for a refuge in nature. The glamping-style of vacation allows you to do such without the need to forego any of life’s luxuries.

Today’s younger generation enjoys being in touch with nature. Only glamping truly gives them that perfect balance between nature and a total vacation-satisfaction.

Glamping is particularily appealing to the millennial generation, people born between 1981 and 1996.

Millennials who are now in a professional position and career can afford to vacation according to their true taste and preference. They want to travel the world enjoying their own preferences and style. Thus, they go glamping!

The trend appears to have moved glamping’s status towards becoming the ONLY top competitor alternative to Airbnb.

Glamping at night. Glamping top competitor alternative to airbnb
Glamping at night.


In 2008, Airbnb launched and revolutionized the travel accommodation industry. The concept of Airbnb changed the way travelers book vacations and the way they stay. Airbnb’s popularity has led to several alternatives including one that takes travelers out of traditional apartments, hotels, and houses, and into the great outdoors.

Geo dome. Glamping top competitor alternative to airbnb
Staying in a geodome, great glamping experience.

Glamping, the top competitor alternative to Airbnb

Glamorous camping, aka glamping, has given travelers the chance to be one with the outdoors, yet stay in accommodation that is totally on par with digs that should suit your desires.

The company leading the glamping revolution is The company’s website offers some of the most unique glamping destinations and accommodation around.

Have you ever fancied staying in a 1950s caravan, a wigwam set in a lush forest, or a pod overlooking the rolling hills of the American southeast? Well, now you can.

Yes, glamping is the new hot trend in travel and its popularity continues to rise. It has been around for less than 15 years and is still relatively new. The term ‘glamping’ was only coined in 2007 and it wasn’t until six years later that it became a popular vacation choice.

Cedar House. Glamping top competitor alternative to airbnb
Cedar house glamping.

The Experience

Glamping is much different from the Airbnb-type of lodging experiences. Modern travelers not only want to go to cool destinations, but they want to have unique Instagram experiences that make others drool.

The desire to have unique travel and vacations has helped lead to glamping’s rise in popularity. It has also helped that glamping offers a completely different adventure to staying in hotels or visiting overcrowded cities.

Glamping offers you the chance to have a place of your very own. Accommodations are varied and it is far different than a tent in the woods. If you are afraid your glamping experience will be a miserable one cramped in a tent as the rain comes down around you, then think again.

Glamping accommodation can come with comfy king-size beds, kitchenettes, sofas, televisions, wood stoves, and some of the most beautiful views around.

In addition, you can go glamping nearly anywhere. If you want a vacation in the country, then glamping is a perfect choice. However, you can also go glamping near major cities and commute to popular tourist attractions nearby.

Glamping can combine the best of both worlds when it comes to vacation as you stay in a luxurious venue in the countryside while spending days in major tourist cities.

Safari tent glamping
Safari tent glamping.

Why is glamping changing the way we travel?

One of the cool aspects of glamping is you can stay in an unusual vacation spot or quirky caravan, or in a Boeing 727 airplane for that matter! It isn’t your typical hotel or apartment and that is part of the appeal of glamping.

Founded in 2013, GlampingHub has over 35,000 glamping properties available for travelers to enjoy. It provides both style and relaxation in one place.

The best of the indoors and outdoors are combined by the glamorous camping brand. No matter if you are a couple looking for a romantic getaway or a family of five, there is something for everyone courtesy of GlampingHub.

The glamping craze is just now hitting the United States

Glamping has been a popular movement in Europe, especially the United Kingdom, for some time. It has been a more recent trend in the United States with Millennials choosing it for vacations.

According to a 2018 Forbes’ article, Millennials account “for 40%” of all campers today. Camping has become more diverse in the people who do it.

Camping isn’t just for outdoorsy folks dressed in flannel who want to spend the day fishing. With stress levels and mental health now more widely recognized, the great outdoors gives travelers the chance to recharge.

Slovenia tent. Glamping top competitor alternative to airbnb.
Slovenia tent.

Why is GlampingHub bypassing Airbnb in popularity?

For starters, glamping offers you a unique outdoors experience. Rather than visit an apartment in a major tourist destination, you get off the beaten path and stay in an exclusive property. How many friends of yours have stayed in a luxury dome in the woods of Yorkshire, U.K.?

It isn’t just the uniqueness of GlampingHub that is attracting travelers to its website. Often times, travelers actually find vacations to be stressful experiences. Why is this? Flights or car journeys, staying in apartments and hotels, and bustling cities are all causing stress levels to rise. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing trips.

Tree house glamping.
Treehouse glamping.

Benefits of glamorous camping

Camping as an alternative to “traditional vacations” gives you the chance to de-stress and clear your mind. Staying in a yurt, wigwam, or pod is a chance to connect with nature but still live comfortably. You don’t have to leave your modern conveniences of coffeemakers, heat, or even Wi-Fi.

GlampingHub’s properties have charm, something Airbnb has been guilty of losing over the years. That charm comes from the idiosyncratic accommodation you can rent.

Airbnb has become far more streamlined over the years. While that gives individuals an accommodation up to a certain standard, it can also leave travelers without the Instagram moment they all want and prices they don’t like.

Wooden camper.
Wooden camper.

I am a Millennial

As a member of the Millennial generation, born in the first year of the generation (1981), I personally seek a travel experience different than others.

I do not like sleeping on the ground in a tent. However, spending a night in an eco-friendly holiday pod with hot tub makes glamping all the more appealing to me.

Glamping is now a part of the American mainstream. Like Airbnb, GlampingHub is the go-to website for glamping and is synonymous with the hottest trend in travel today.

There is no wonder why glamping has become the top competitor alternative and a serious threat to Airbnb!

Glamping top competitor alternative to airbnb. Couple in love on a glamping trip.
How can you go wrong on a romantic glamping vacation?

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What do you think about glamping? Have you experienced glamping? Comments, tips, opinions? You can leave your comments here.


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Photos Courtesy of GlampingHub. Featured Image: An A-frame glamping location in Utah.

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  1. I had not heard about this thing called “glamping”. I love nature and as a millennial (as you’re mentioning) it sure sounds like the best vacation idea for my BF and me I’ve ever seen. And so romantic! Excellent presentation by that reporter too, according to himself a fellow millennial, who points out his own attraction to glamping. My favorite on That Costa Rica glamping destination!!! Also, BIG long-time fan of the Captain Jetson site here. Keep those news articles coming, please!

  2. I used to rough it a lot, but now I see how nice it is to have amenities, views and nature:) We own a glamping site near Los Angeles and have had many satisfied guests. It’s the one-of-a-kind experience we offer that they love so much! We are listed on Glamping Hub and they have treated us very well!!
    Thank you, Captain, for a great article!

  3. Great article! I agree with the reporter, glampinghub is indeed becoming the new airbnb. As he points out, millennials, in particular, are rapidly becoming established. Often with higher education, a professional job, disposable income, and waiting to establish a family, the days of “hostel” or airbnb vacations are gone. It’s time to live a little and vacation in tune with nature and a little luxury at the same time.

  4. Take it from this Boomer – Glamping is just too cool to be just for Millennials. I had not heard of this until I came across this great article. Makes me want to head to some wilderness location, check into a converted UFO and turn on a 108″ TV! But kidding aside, I love this idea!

  5. OMG, I love this new way of traveling with new ideas , facilities, and accommodations that have been implemented for new traveling and camping experience. Furthermore, luxury housing style that has blow my mind, can be chosen by people that are willing to be part of a total great experiences around the world. Nevertheless, this luxurycamp can be local in areas out of the cities to people looking for a peaceful and relaxing experience.

  6. I like this ideas for traveling, with different amazing camping houses. I wish someday my dream come true to experience being in one of these beautiful places.

  7. Nice article!
    For me as a traveler, glamping offers convenient access to nature without an investment in equipment or the chores of camping. No need to be sleeping in the rain and waking up cold yet at the same time a great way to explore nature.

  8. I think this will be a great honeymoon adventure for many people that love nature 🥰 ( like me), imagine just the two of you and Mother Nature, the perfect way to connect to each other, and really enjoy each other 😉.

  9. Glamping is so fun! As someone who enjoys the backcountry, it’s such a different experience to have ao much luxury in accommodations, while also sharing space with nature.

  10. Stayed at one for the first time this summer and it was amazing! Loved the outdoors and the serenity. There were plenty of options to do things if you wanted or just relax and take in the peacefulness. I was a little skeptical of the bathroom situation at this one because I couldn’t get a private bathroom, but I was pleasantly surprised! Super clean and all the staff are so accommodating! Already looking for my next adventure staying at one, and I’m really excited about it!!

  11. I’ve gone glamping twice now and although it is more expensive than a regular hotel where you dont have to as careful to the belongings of the space or clean up after yourselves neccesarily, glamping was an extraordinary experience and beautiful like something out of a movie or TV show. I stayed in a bohemian decorated tent with the most stunning view. Nothing a hotel could provide to us.

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