How You Can Travel The World For Free, 6 Amazing Ways

Did you ever wish you could travel the world for free? Well, it is possible to do just that.

Others do it, so why shouldn’t you?

The world has numerous opportunities for people who are looking for free, and even paid travel.

There are several ways you can achieve your goal.

They include job opportunities overseas, voluntary work and many more.

Additionally, you may be lucky to get free travel, free accommodation and get all your expenses catered.

Others may provide to all your costs and still give you some allowance as you tour the world.

1. Teach English

teaching English abroad

You can travel overseas to teach English in countries like China, Japan, Taiwan, Gulf Arab states and many more. In such countries, English is taught as a second language.

You can get free housing, travel grants, and some allowance. You may be wondering- what if I do not have a teaching degree? The answer to such a question is that you do not need a degree or a college diploma to teach English overseas.

However, having a certification is an added advantage.

2. Become a Flight Attendant

become a flight attendant

Flight attendants have an opportunity to travel the world while getting paid.

Working as a flight attendant gives you a monthly salary and benefits, as well as getting allowances to cover for your meals and other expenses.

There are online sites where you can apply for flight attendants’ jobs.

3. Voluntary Work

volunteer worker

You can work as a volunteer in different organizations and get free accommodation, free food and a chance to learn new skills.

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Volunteering in a different country also gives you a chance to interact with new cultures.

Besides, you will get your travel costs covered although some websites require a subscription fee of less than $75.

4. Work on a Farm

Farm work

If you want to travel the world for free, you can work on farms which link farmers and growers with individuals willing to volunteer to work on the farm for free board and room.

You can get the opportunity to travel to countries like South America, Asia, and Europe.

5. Ask for Travel Gift cards

travel gift cards

Another creative and straightforward way to travel the world is to ask your friends or family for travel gift cards.

On a special occasion like your birthday or during Christmas or on your graduation, you can ask them for the travel card.

6. Credit Card Mileage Rewards

credit card free flights

You can also travel the world by getting a travel rewards credit card. 

Several airline companies give reward points to their customers. You can redeem your points and travel the world for free.


In summary, there are several ways in which you can tour the world for free.

In the process you will get a chance to learn new things as well as interact with new cultures.

What an exciting way to travel!

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