How to Travel with Your Pet Dog

Traveling without your dog truly is the hardest thing to face when we have to travel away from home.

Any dog owner would testify to that!

Wouldn’t tagging your fluffy best friend along be a great idea during holidays and vacations?

You know how much your dog hates being left at a pet-home as you travel to awesome destinations.

how to not leave your dog behind on vacation
Are you leaving me behind???
how to bring dog on vacation
Oh nooo, you DID leave me!

How to Travel with Your Beloved Dog

With proper preparations, you CAN travel with your pet dog, however!

The kinds of preparations you need are determined by two main factors:

1. Are you traveling within your own country or are you going overseas? 

2. Will you hit the road with your car, or are you going to fly to your destination?

luggage for the trip
Wait, I need to pack my toy!

On a Road Trip with Your Dog

traveling with pets
Are we ready to leave??

If you are doing a road trip there’s no reason why you should leave your pet behind. 

All you need to do is consider the climate of your destination, carry your pet’s necessities plus the documents (especially if you’re to cross borders) and you’re set.

Flying with Your Pet

It’s a different story if you are planning to fly out.

It’s a little bit tricky, but trust me it’s doable. If your dog is small, weighing less than 20 lbs, you can even bring them on board with you.

If they are medium-sized or larger they’ll be flying in the undercarriage. It’s not that bad. I promise.

The temperature and air pressure in the undercarriages are set the same as the passenger’s cabins.

The space of the cages is way bigger than the legroom we have on the plane.

So yes, they’ll be comfortable.

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If you follow the following guide it should be easier than you think.

You should also note that some dog breeds can’t withstand flying.

bring dog on vacation
I am flying too!!!

How to Prepare for the Flight

I. Crate-train your dog.

Crate-training your dog a few weeks before you travel will make the experience painless.

Remember to make the crate a ‘happy’ and pleasant place for them. In that way, it won’t feel like they’re being limited or locked up.

II. Select a destination

You want to have fun with your best friend but unfortunately, some countries won’t allow dogs from some countries.

Others have quarantines that are mandatory.

Do your research and keep that in mind as you select your destination.

III. Evaluate the customs laws of your destination

Each country has different laws so it’s up to you to unearth the information.

IV. Get all the necessary documents and vaccines

This step is super important.

Your pet needs a passport (I know this part is super cute) but seriously they do!

V. Inform your airline about your intention of bringing a pet dog along

So your pet is ready with documents and shots now you need to notify the airline for a smooth check-in.

Some airlines don’t allow pets but some do.

Make sure they offer you a formal document to ascertain that you actually notified them beforehand.

VI. Book a pet-friendly hotel

If you made it this far, your trip with your fluffy pal should be a success.

Now all you need is a welcoming hotel that can accommodate both of you. That should be an easy find.

Bonus Tips

Bonus points for pet travel

Now some bonus tips to having an even smoother experience:

• Before you lead your pet into their crate, have them do some rigorous but fun activities. This will leave them worked out and they’ll probably have a nap through half away to your destination.

• Put some of your clothes in the crate (preferably dirty shirts) weird right? Yes, but you need your pet to be as comfortable as possible and this trick will calm them like magic.

dog on vacation
Finally on Vacation!!!

p.s. Full credit to the “Star Model” in the images of this article goes to the German Shepherd pet “Chief”, a super-intelligent and lovable dog. Traveling in cars is indeed one of his favorite things to do in real life 🙂

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