How To Travel With Your Cat, 3 steps Checklist

So, you want to travel with your cat, and take your cat with you on vacation?

Well, it’s essential you understand that cats do not like traveling much; they tend to get stressed up!

Cats adore routine, they appreciate the safety of their home and don’t like change. Thus, its vital that you prepare for your trip, applying some simple steps.

1. Practice traveling with your cat

There are some things you learn about traveling through trial and error. While that often proves to be costly, it’s something you wouldn’t wish for your cute feline.

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A little preparation can make the experience a lot easier and less stressful for both of you. The best way to ensure a joyful ride is by taking your kitty on a short car ride around town before any long road trip.

When your cat is a lot lucky
Your cat is very much aware of its surroundings. Very cautious, but comfortable with routine, she reads your energy like a book. No surprises please!

Desensitizing your cat, making him or her used to the new exposure of traveling really helps in most cases. That’s exactly how I did it myself with my own cat.

2. Prepare for stress

Before you embark on the journey, take your cat for a check-up to ensure that she is healthy enough to travel, and learn what you need to do if she gets motion sickness.

travel cat
Content with you and content with a beautiful stress free life.

If your cat is the type that is easily stressed, consult your vet about the treatment that may help. Besides, if she requires any special medication or food, be sure to pack in surplus to avoid emergencies.

3. A carrier is essential

Car Travel

Don’t let your cat roam around the car while you’re driving. You may find it adorable to allow your cutie to perch on your shoulders, curl up on your lap, or sprawl across the dashboard.

But that’s not safe for you and your cat!

Instead, get her settled in a carrier and find a position in the car where you can see it clearly and where it won’t slide around.

Easy Way to Travel With Cat
Cat’s playmate during your travel.

The carrier needs well-ventilated and with enough room for your cat to move around and stretch.

Air Travel

Some airline allows pets on board while others don’t, and it’s thus vital to check with your airline to be sure before you make any airline booking

Also, ask about the documents and vaccines that you need to have if you are traveling with a cat. Of course, the same thing goes if you are traveling with your dog.

If they don’t allow pets to stay with you in the passenger area, ensure that you inform the flight crew to have someone checking on your cat in case of a delay or an emergency.

Also, make sure you book a hotel that is ready to accommodate your cat as well.

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