How To Travel the World on a Shoestring Budget

You don’t have to wait a lifetime to save enough for traveling. Traveling is more fun when you are energetic and vibrant.

Don’t wait for retirement benefits to get going. By the way, you don’t have to win a lottery or to be a drug dealer to travel the world either!

Most of the time we have the wrong approach of ‘can I afford to travel’ rather than ‘do I want to travel’.

Once you make up your mind you’ll realize all you need is prioritize and you’re set to see the word even if you seem broke. 

Anybody can afford to travel the world. It only takes a willing heart.

If you have more than enough to spend, you don’t have to blow every note away on unnecessary expenses while traveling.

Pinch every coin off your budget with caution less you get stuck somewhere on the islands off Africa, broke and frustrated.

Budgeting on a shoestring

Here are some strategies you can use to travel for longer with less


Choose your destination wisely- Now, people prefer traveling within their own countries because they think it’s cheaper than booking a flight.

Instead of assuming, why not do some research?

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Trust me, your dinner alone in the United States can cater for your accommodation in a good hotel somewhere in Asia. No kidding!

The hard part is the booking of that flight. Once you choose a great destination you can end up saving a lot of cash that you’d have otherwise spent with your daily expenses back home.  

Take advantage of the dollar exchange rates.


Capitalize on last minute flight offers-

Be flexible about the time and dates of traveling. Take advantage of any opportunity arising from cheap flights-

Ultimately, the flying experience remains the same.


Travel with a group of friends-

Don’t underestimate the power of cost-sharing.

Well, it’s a little bit embarrassing to share a small apartment with five people but you are out sightseeing most of the time anyway. You probably need the room for sleeping only.

saving for a trip


Curb your meal expenses –

Cook most of your own food- Eating in restaurants is way more expensive no matter where you are.

How about preparing at least one meal per day in the hostel then later treat yourself with a cool dinner and a glass of wine in a sophisticated restaurant?

Does it have a nice ring to it?


Enjoy free events-

Instead of spending your bucks on some expensive concert tickets tap on those free events and integrate with locals.

Take the time to make friends.

You’ll be surprised how much you’d save once you socialize with local people. They might invite you over for breakfast or even dinner.


Travel like the locals-

Lastly yet importantly, instead of using a cab, use public transport like the locals.

Try out new experiences like slow trains which cost almost a third less than the fast trains.

Beach Cancun
Cancun, Mexico

The bottom line

Life is about creating great memories and experiences which should not be dictated by money!

Make that decision and go see the world!

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