How to Make Time for Travel (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Do you long for that dream trip, that sojourn into new and exotic places? For many of us, making time for travel can be a tough challenge.

Our busy lives at times seem to get the best of us. We work hard, we have other obligations. Many of us tend to get so bogged down by the day-to-day, our mind can’t help but wander to that beach in Maui, or that glamorous weekend in New York City, or perhaps a week in Oslo, Norway?

Oslo, Norway, Kings Castle
Oslo, Norway

Anything to escape the every day

But travel so often takes a back burner to our ‘real lives.’

Many of us work for employers that give us only so much vacation time. And much of that is spent taking care of personal business, which leaves little time for taking a trip.

But a growing number of people are starting to work for themselves. This means they can go on a trip whenever they want, right?

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Often those people who work for themselves work more than the regular 40-hour week. They work hard to build their business, and some find themselves with less chance to take a vacation than if they were working for someone else.

So how to fix this problem?

Get creative! There are many ways to make time for travel.

To get out of your daily routine, explore new territory, and come back to real life refreshed and ready to get back to work.

Here are some strategies.

Here are some strategies for you

Your goals

Ask yourself what your travel goals are. Start with the basics. Do you want to take a long trip, say one to three weeks? How about several shorter trips to places closer to home? Make a ‘dream list’ and devise a five to ten-year plan on when to take them. As time goes on, your list most surely will evolve. Let it. Travel is as fluid as life and is ever-changing.

How motivated are you?

To make time for travel, you must WANT it! Make the necessary sacrifices to take the trip you want. Would you rather go to Cozumel for a few days or help your cousin paint the house? The choice is yours, it depends on your priorities. (Psst…your cousin will find someone else to help!)


Many people take time off during the Christmas season. If you want to take a long trip during the summer months, consider not taking any extra time off during the holidays and save all of that for summer. Or if you can afford it and your employer will let you consider taking a few days of unpaid leave. Sometimes getting out of your hometown is as good a medicine as sitting on the couch in your bathrobe with a hot cup of tea.

Wonderful solo travel

Don’t be afraid to go solo. Did your friend cancel out on you for that trip to Paris? That doesn’t mean you can’t go! Solo travel is the new trendy thing. Seriously, taking a solo trip is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You will become more independent and learn a thing or two about yourself in the process.

The secret to a great Staycation

The power of the staycation is mighty. You don’t have to necessarily leave town to have an awesome vacation. Stay in a fancy hotel or Airbnb right in your hometown. Dare to be a tourist and visit sections of your home turf you’ve never been. Simply getting out of your house and into a different environment close by is vacation enough.

Business travelers

Do you take any business trips? If so, consider taking a few extra days before or after your business trip to be the tourist. And during your business trip, don’t just stay hunkered down in your hotel room at night, get out and explore the city or surrounding areas! Chances are, your company paid for your rental car, take advantage of that!

Dare to dream BIG

caribbean island
Caribbean paradise

Want to take a larger sojourn? To India, perhaps? Or South America? Slow travel is another phenomenon that is taking root, where people spend longer amounts of time in several places. 

For this, some people take a career break. Call it a gap year for older folks. If you work for an employer, talk to their HR department to see if your company offers any sort of sabbatical (you may be surprised.) Yes, it may be unpaid, but if you are serious about doing it, there are ways to achieve it.

Taking time for travel allows you to return to work refreshed and with energy to contribute more and have better productivity in the long run. More employers are realizing this and rewarding their workers accordingly.

So, there really is no excuse not to travel, if you really want to. Sometimes you just must think outside the box and live your dreams. If there’s a will, there is always a way!

Bora Bora Tahiti overwater bungalows
Bora Bora Tahiti overwater bungalows
train station traveler

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