How To Hike Santorini Greece – Stunning Hiking Trail Fira to Oia!

Discovering the Best of the Greek Islands

A Santorini, Greece-hike had been on my list of things to do for a long time, but how would I prepare for the best hiking experience?

This past May my boyfriend, Nikita, and I traveled around Italy and Greece. We visited a total of 5 cities.

It is a close tie of my favorite places between Florence and Santorini, but I think Santorini wins. Santorini won by a small percentage.

Santorini is an island belonging to the Greek Isles in the country of Greece.

One of my favorite days in our 19-day vacation was the day we hiked from Fira to Oia in Santorini, also known as the Fira to Oia hike!

Nikita (Left) and me Bree (right), during our spectacular Santorini Hike.

Santorini Hike, Fira to Oia

I am someone who fully plans out every day of my vacations to make sure I get the most out of my time there.

When researching what to do in Santorini, the first thing I kept seeing was this big hike between the two major towns.

Amazing views, being in nature, getting away from the busy crowds, and exploring the island: sounds like the perfect day. Blogs said the hike was about 6 miles but for us, it was about 8 or 9. 

howt o hike santorini greece fira oia trail
Our Fira to Oia hike provided stunning views and nature along Santorini’s coast. Credit: Google Maps.

How to experience the best hike in Santorini

I decided we would start our hike in Fira and walk north to Oia, with the water on our left side the whole time.

I had heard this was the better route because the views were spectacular of the caldera and of Oia in the distance.

The hike was incredible and I would recommend this to anyone visiting Santorini. But it is definitely not for someone who struggles with steps or inclines. 

Our hotel was in Oia, so we took the local bus to Fira in the morning. The bus was easy to find and pretty cheap, only 1.80 euro per person.

Starting point Fira

When we got Fira we walked around town a bit. It is a very cute town and looks like its great for families visiting the island. We quickly found the path and a sign that had an arrow pointing towards Oia.

Fira Santorini

Skaros Rock

About a quarter of the way through in Imerovigli we saw this huge rock attached but jutting out of the side of the island.

Skaros Rocks Santorini
Skaros Rock Santorini

We learned this is Skaros Rock and we saw some people going off the main path to hike up this rock and then return to the main path to Oia.

We contemplated doing it because we knew it would probably add an hour to our Santorini hike and we didn’t want to tire ourselves out so soon, but we quickly decided to check out this rock.

It was a little scary walking around this huge rock. At times the path was so thin and a little stumble could send you off the cliff.

Nikita and I weren’t wearing proper hiking shoes so we didn’t reach the top top of the rock but we got as far up as we could.

We took a rest here and ate a banana we had packed. We returned back to the main path and were on our way again to Oia.

Shortly after Skaros Rock, we lost sight of any other hikers around us. It was so nice to see these amazing views and hike with my best friend and be alone in peace and quiet.

fira oia scenery
The Fira to Oia hike experience are packed with beautiful picture-taking memory-moments

A Santorini hike means a variety of experiences

The path then turned from steps to dirt and back to steps, sometimes weaving in-between clay houses, shops, and hotels.

Towards the end of the hike was the hardest part.

There were 2 mountains we had to hike up. We were exhausted and the sun was beating down on us. I still have my tan from this day 3 weeks later.

But we pushed ourselves and made it up and over both of these mountains. As we were walking down the second mountain you could see Oia closely in the distance. You could also see both sides of the water on our left and right, it was so beautiful. 

The hike is easy to navigate, but be prepared for challenges

This particular Santorini hike is strenuous but easy to follow. As long as the water is on your left side, you are heading the right way. There is pretty much always a clear path, whether a dirt path, steps, or paved. There are also signs along the way with Oia written, and an arrow.

At times in the villages, the direct path was blocked off, not sure why. Maybe they were repairing it?

So a few times we had to backtrack and walk around the area to get back on the main path. Make sure you pack sunscreen and tons of water, you may not see a convenience store for a long time so be prepared. 

oia santorini charm
Idyllic Oia


In Oia we had lunch in town at Meltini and Nikita has his favorite meal from Greece there, roasted pork leg.

The Fira to Oia hike took about 6 hours in total but could be down in less time without hiking Skaros and without stopping every 5 minutes to take pictures as I do.

But trust me Skaros rock is not to miss and you will probably be taking tons of photos as well so allow yourself half a day for this hike. s

Santorini is simply full of the greatest views a hiker can wish for!

oia by the water
Oia waterfront

Exploring exciting Oia

Once you arrive at Oia you can end your perfect day by going down to Ammoudi Bay.

Walk down the 300 steps and chose any of the seafood restaurants. One night we ate at Dimitris Taverna and it was so delicious.

The restaurant is literally a foot away from the bay and they take you into the kitchen to view the fresh fish they caught that day so you can pick out which one you would like.

If you are planning to come to Ammoudi Bay for dinner make sure you have a reservation so you have optimal sunset views with your dinner. 

If you are a hiker you need to put Santorini on your list of hikes to conquer!

What do you think, comments, questions? You can contact me here. Attn: Bree.

lunch in oia
Celebrating the perfect hike with a romantic toast

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