Glamping in a Boeing 727 Airplane Hotel – Dream Vacation for AvGeeks

Costa Rica Preferred Glamping Choice

How about a dream vacation in Costa Rica glamping in a Boeing 727 (B727) airplane hotel? For an AvGeek (someone passionate about aviation) how can you beat the thrill of vacationing inside a classic Boeing 727 airliner, made into a place for lodging?

The wing area has a nice deck.

Vacations should be unique, memorable, and make you want to go back again and again. That is why GlampingHub has some of the coolest destinations available via its giant selection of glamping accommodations.

GlampingHub is the Airbnb for glamping, the hottest trend in travel currently for Americans. Although the travel movement has been hot in Europe for a few years now, Americans are newer to the party.

glampinghub 727 airplane costa rica
From the B727’s dining area.

What is glamping?

It is glamorous camping and it puts you in the great outdoors in some of the coolest accommodations on the planet. The choice of stays that are as unique as you are.

From treehouse-style cabins in the Washington woods to luxury yurts with hot tubs in New Zealand, there are plenty of amazing places to spend your breaks.

glamping 727 airplane hotel, deck ocean view
Tranquil view to the Pacific Ocean from the deck outside your very own B727 with a private swimming pool.

Glamping in Style: First-Class accommodation in a 727 airplane hotel

One of GlampingHub’s coolest destinations is located in Costa Rica amongst the lush jungles and beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches of the Central American country.

Travelers will find a refurbished vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airplane in the trees. The airplane turned treehouse comes with hardwood flooring and wood fixtures. There is a deck off the Boeing 727’s wings offering views of the Costa Rican coastline through swaying palm trees.

thetr eetop B727,an  AvGeeks dream vacation
The B727 is sitting at treetop level.

The use of the Boeing 727 airplane as the ultimate AvGeek glamping experience

The airplane glamping accommodation was created by Yale graduate Allan Templeton. The former Ivy League college graduate joined the United States Peace Corp following the completion of school and has never looked back after going abroad. Templeton has taken on several projects refurbishing old airliners and continues to craft cool destinations.

Templeton didn’t just create a secluded treetop airplane destination. It comes with a swimming pool allowing you to cool off if the beach is just too far away on a hot day. Situated on the edge of Manuel Antonio National Park in Puntarenas, the country’s wildlife is abundant in the area.

The hosts have done brilliantly to recycle the nearly half a century old Boeing 727. Too often, old airplanes and other former transport items are discarded. The Boeing 727 was salvaged from Costa Rica’s San Jose Airport where it was left to rot. However, the airplane was transformed into a jumbo hotel suite.

Bathroom, glamping 727 airplane hotel Costa Rica
The B727 bathroom.

A Costa Rica dream destination

On the outside, it looks like a normal jumbo plane perched 50-feet into the air, but on the inside, it is luxury accommodation.

The plane was gutted on the inside removing the chairs and other items that once lived in it. Now, comfy beds, sofas, chairs, and tables reside. Costa Rican teak wood paneling has been used as part of the decor of the treehouse airplane giving it a beautiful interior.

Bathroom, glamping 727 airplane hotel Costa Rica
B727 Master Bedroom.

More than just a 727 Airplane hotel

The refurbished Boeing 727 comes with a host of amenities for travelers to enjoy.

Glamping isn’t about roughing it despite giving you the chance to be outdoors and closer to nature. Glamping gives you the opportunities to have the amenities you want when on vacation, yet you get a travel experience completely different from staying in hotels or Airbnb apartments.

727 TV room, glamping Costa Rica
727 TV room.

GlampingHub’s Boeing 727 is one of those unique experiences that make for amazing Instagram moments and photos. The treetop airplane not only offers a cool place to sleep, eat, and sip on refreshing beverages, but there is also a spa onsite. A restaurant, bar, and pick-up/drop-off services are available as well. The resort’s restaurant was created using an old cockpit from another airplane.

The Boeing 727, which used to shuttle passengers on South Africa Air, contains two bedrooms, which come with air-conditioning for those hot Costa Rican days, along with two en suite bathrooms. There are three queen-sized beds for guests. The airplane’s original windows are still intact and offer a view out into the jungle.

B727 overlooking the Pacific Ocean
The B727 is facing the Pacific Ocean, solidly anchored to the ground. Here from the exterior left side of the fuselage (body) of the airplane.

Why choose the Boeing 727 for your next glamping trip?

The treetop airplane can house six guests making it perfect for groups. How amazing could your next birthday, bachelor party, or anniversary be staying in a treehouse airplane in Costa Rica?

Each wing has a deck that allows you to sit on and enjoy the cool Costa Rican mornings and evenings. They are also perfect locations to perch yourself to stare out at the beach or through the leafy palm trees in the jungle to spot wildlife.

B727 airplane hotel outside
Right front exterior fuselage (body) facing the ocean.

The airplane that is permanently surrounded by Costa Rica’s natural beauty

You can find an amazing travel experience in Costa Rica at the Boeing 727 treehouse. Not only can you stay in style, but the onsite restaurant is inexpensive and offers local foods to send your taste buds racing. The glamping site is close to the beach as well as the Manuel Antonio National Park, giving you the chance to explore Costa Rica’s natural beauty.

GlampingHub’s refurbished vintage 1965 Boeing 727 is well worth exploring. For a trip that you won’t forget in a country that offers an exciting vacation, glamping in a Boeing 727 airplane hotel is a must.

2nd bedroom in the airplane
The 2nd bedroom in the B727 airplane.

Want to reserve the 727 for your own glamping trip to Costa Rica?

To find out more, simply visit GlampingHub’s Boeing 727’s page.

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All photos: Courtesy of GlampingHub.

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