6 Holiday Travel Tips To Keep Your Sanity Intact During Festive Seasons

Holiday traveling brings mixed feelings in some of us.

How do you feel about the stress, and how do you manage?

We love the holidays and I bet you do too!

This’s the season we get jolly and excited to see our families or travel out to enjoy magical festive in our favorite destinations.

Unfortunately, traveling during the holiday season is chaotic and hectic even to travel fanatics.

Here are some super tips to give you some peace on earth and a calm kick-off to a stress-free holiday travel.

airport terminal festive seasons
This is what a stress-free airport terminal should look like. But such a tranquil seeting is hard to find during the holidays.

I. Take your time to prepare

With all the travel hype and excitement, it’s easy for some vital details to slip off.

Write a ‘to do list’ and cancel items out once a task is complete.

You might need to pack lightly.

A carry-on luggage would be convenient. In that way, you won’t have to worry about losing your bag or spend forever checking them in.

fun in the airport terminal
A relaxed, well-prepared, easy-going, no-stress traveler is a happy traveler.

II. Book your ticket early enough

Apart from getting your ticket well in advance, you should also go for early morning flights. You see, flight cancellations are rampant during this season due to extreme weather conditions.

If you book an early flight you have a chance to travel later on the same day if any cancellation issue arises.

If you’re traveling on a budget, take advantage of holiday package travel offers but make sure you analyze the offers well.  Check if you’ll need to spend extra money on seat selection, printing your boarding pass or bringing a carry-on luggage.

Most importantly check for a no-cost cancellation policy. In that way, you can cancel for a better and cheaper option without spending an extra dime.

Better still, invest in travel insurance.

If you are not on a budget, however, be willing to spend a little bit than usual. You’ll be less frantic with worry.

airport terminal gates

III. Opt for an alternate airport

Maneuver the usual long lines and flight delays by choosing alternatives and less crowded airports.

Being creative with this tactic could mean lower fares and flexible travel schedule.

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You need to consider the accessibility of the airport from your house.

This will also work if you are driving. Choose a route with relatively lower traffic.

airport airplane parked

IV. Weigh your options

Choosing direct flights or layovers and stopovers boil down to personal choice and preference.

Direct flights will save you a huge deal of your travel time, multiple security check-ups and overhead time that you might spend on numerous airports.

They’re more comfortable as you won’t have to worry about missing your next flight in case of delays. If you’re lucky to get some good sleep, the journey seems shorter. You’ll be there in no time!

However, a direct flight has a good share of downsides.

If you’re traveling with kids that would add more pain to your experience and it might be daunting.

Knee click seats might be too much to handle on long-haul flights so breaking up your journey might be a good idea.

You get a chance to walk between flights. Your limbs will relax for a while and get your blood flowing again.

This will work perfectly for you if time is not a factor all you need is to plan ahead and leave ample time between flights.

airport sleeping facilities
Alternate ways to get some rest during delays and cancellations often turn into a first-come, first-served frenzy.
sleeping in airport terminal
At least one passenger figured out how to save money on a hotel room.

V. Use your phone as a travel tool

You need to stay posted with information regarding your flights and your phone can do the work.

Sign up to receive updates directly to your phone from your airline.

You can also load your phone with helpful apps.

Explore cheap flights or hotels in flash and do your bookings hassle free.

terminal child suitcase
At least our children are honest about how they feel about the travel-stress of the holidays.

VI. Be prepared for the worst

If you’re driving, pack some emergency tools like flash torch and chains in case of snowy weather.

Prepare psychologically and come to terms with the fact that something could go wrong.

Try to relax as much as you can.

At the end of it all, your awful experience will make a great story!

Beer check-in luggage
If your suitcase is full you can always check in an additional item for a fee.

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