6 Awesome Travel Apps You Should Use on Your Next Trip

The old days of Travel

Don’t you miss travel before smartphone technology?

Well, I do. Especially how easily you could detach from everybody.

You could have a great time relaxing on the beach or enjoy an adventure somewhere in the middle of nowhere without feeling left out on trends and emerging stories.

Now, don’t get me wrong I appreciate the convenience that comes with modern-day technology.

Travel today, utilizing todays' technology

There are probably a million Apps out there but pin your faith on me when I say 98% are totally useless.

However, we compiled a list of handful and salient FREE apps that are worth your time.

You may not like all of them but most of these saves the day when need arises.

Make sure you download them before leaving the hotel to take advantage of WiFi.

1. Google Maps

One thing that I am grateful about invention of smartphone tech is, you can’t get lost (not unless you intend to).

I get it, it’s fun to get lost when traveling. It feels exciting to explore and find your way back to the hostels but men!

If you had no intention of getting lost it’s totally scary.

Google Maps is a widely and commonly used app.

It’s compatible with both android and OIS, it’s free to download with no subscriptions needed.

You get real time directions, real time traffic condition, nearby restaurants and so much more. It’s more like having a personal tour guide!

By the way, you can download directions to use later when you’re offline.

best apps for travel

2. Google Translate

There’s nothing as frustrating as meeting great people but being sundered by language barrier.

With this awesome app you can just type in a phrase or a word for instant translation.

It gets better by the day incorporating more and more languages.

Currently, only 59 languages can be translated offline with no internet connection and 32 languages in conversation mode.

Life’s getting better and Google is working, so in no time all languages and tribes around the globe should be in the app.

Surprise the locals with a phrase in their language.

3. XE Currency

If you’re anything like me then doing calculations off head isn’t our cup of tea.

This app really helps with currency conversion rates that are crucial to international travelers.

4. Triposo

This is another great app that acts as an offline tour guide.

What’s most appealing about this app is the fact that, you can actually book for hotels and restaurants on their ‘recommendations’ option.

You can also discover awesome places as recommended by other passionate travelers as yourself or by the locals.

best traveling apps

5. Auto Timer Camera

What’s the point of having an astounding vacation if you can’t have awesome photos for evocation?

Now, there’re probably millions of these apps and what works for me might not work for you.

You should feel the freedom of discovering the best by yourself.

You’ll need it especially if you are traveling alone!

In no time you get bored of plain scenery shots and selfies.

The only downside of the apps is finding a level ground to place the camera.

6. American Red Cross App: First Aid

Heavens forbid that an emergency happens while on your vacation.

But having a lifesaving simple and elaborate information at your fingerprints is enough preparation should things go west.

best travel apps

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