5 Reasons Why You Should Travel More in 2019

The number of people traveling, and the frequency of travel is going up.

Statistics show that more people are taking ‘micro trips’ and traveling short distances for a long weekend.

This is great for local business and gives more exposure to places that may not usually see a lot of tourism. Which is a good thing!

International travel is also going up; with more airlines lowering their international prices to drum up business.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are the five reasons you need to travel more in the coming year.

1.Travel is Just Getting Easier (and Cheaper)

sunrise over europe
Sunrise over Europe. © Captain Les

The internet has really become the travelers’ friend.

With all of the fantastic deals to be had on everything from flights, to accommodation, to car rental, you don’t have to do much digging to save money on a trip.

Simply log onto your computer or smart phone and browse around a bit, and you’ll come across a travel deal or two.

Along with great deals are the vast array of travel apps to make your entire trip a breeze.

There are travel planning apps, scheduling apps, things to do apps…you may as well say “There’s is an app for that.” Because there is!

Literally every travel-related service has one, take advantage of them!

Gone are the days of struggling to find affordable accommodations.

With the advent of Airbnb, Homestay, even Couchsurfing, there are so many alternative accommodation options to choose from.

Most of them much cheaper than the standard hotel room.

norwegian air
Norwegian offers very cheap worldwide fares.

2.The Food is Just Getting Better (Everywhere!)

It seems that just about anywhere you go nowadays, you can find great culinary experiences.

Even in smaller communities, if you know where to look (or who to ask!) you will find locally-owned places where the food is prepared with fresh ingredients and made with love.

For example, it wasn’t long ago that the United Kingdom had a reputation for bland, boring food.

Well, no more. Even in rural England, you will find restaurants run by chefs, who make it their mission to serve delicious, creative, unbelievable meals.

This is happening the world over.

You can find restaurants catering to special diets, such as vegan, halal and gluten free dishes.

It’s not hard to find farm-to-table restaurants, where the cooks have close relationships with the farmers who grow the food. Therefore they have a vested interest in using only the finest ingredients.

It’s what makes a delicious meal; one you will remember for years to come.

cuba travel
Even Havana, Cuba is offering more food choices nowadays.

You will Get an Education and Fuel Your Creativity

Travel gets you out of your comfort zone, where you gain some valuable life skills.

Learning to navigate a new town, getting to know the transportation options, the neighborhoods, talking with the locals.

These are all experiences that enable you to gain a new perspective, and a sense of confidence that you can handle unfamiliar territory.

More travelers are demanding “trips with a purpose.”

That could mean going on an ecological tour in South America, taking a cooking class in Copenhagen, or even volunteering for a couple of weeks in a third world country.

It’s yet another way the travelers are getting a different perspective on the world, through creative travel.

golden gate bridge
Exciting San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. U.S. Navy Blue Angels in a Diamond formation low pass during Fleet Week.

You will Recharge Your Batteries

Traveling gets us out of our shell, and in many cases, our country!

It can be refreshing to look at the world in a different light by going to a faraway land and interacting with a culture that is not your own.

Make this the year you take a major trip to a foreign land, one that does not speak your language, and gain an appreciation for a different way of living.

It’s the perfect way to bust out of your daily routine for a while.

You will come back to your own country refreshed and ready to return to ‘normal’ life.

arriving tahiti
Papeete Tahiti is always a hot destination. From there you’ll catch an island-hopper airplane to the outlying islands.

You will Gain a Sense of Gratitude and Be More Compassionate

Travel forces you to interact with people not in your circle.

You have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life; to get a glimpse into their world and the struggles they deal with on a day to day basis.

In our daily lives, we tend to live in a sort of bubble.

But when we travel to a new destination, we get a sense of how others live.

As a result, our opinions are challenged, and we come to appreciate things that we often take for granted.

desert highway pretty
A road trip is always fun and relaxing.

Newest Travel Trends

More and more people are wanting a unique experience when they travel.

They no longer want to stay in a sterile hotel, go on a bunch of boring group tours and eat at chain restaurants.

They want a more personal, authentic experience, and the travel industry is taking notice.

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bird on an airplane
Seattle seagull waiting to board for a vacation escape

Travel Goals for 2019

The year 2019 is THE year to seek out these new travel experiences in ways you never thought possible.

Make a New Year’s resolution for yourself in 2019 and TRAVEL MORE !!

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