4 Best Places To Teach English Overseas

Discover where you will make the most money!

Are you attracted to the thought of traveling for a year or two after college? How does getting paid to travel sound?

One way to can achieve that goal is by teaching English as a foreign language!

This allows you to explore different destinations while having enough funds to support yourself during your travels. It’s simply an excellent opportunity to see the world before settling down in life. You’ll have lots of fun, you will learn about new cultures and people, and you will have valuable experiences for life.

Of course, the conditions differ from country to country, and year after year the locations change when it comes to the best opportunities for teaching English overseas.

In this article, we will go over the four destinations that are currently trending and offer the best conditions for this line of work.

teaching English overseas

1. Teaching English in South Korea

South Korea is one of the most coveted destinations for graduates looking to teach English overseas. The country offers a lot of well-paid opportunities and maybe even more importantly it accepts the first-time teacher with no previous experience. That makes it perfect for wide-eyed college graduates.

The pay you can expect varies from $2,000–5,000 USD per month. In addition, there are a lot of benefits included, from contract completion bonuses to healthcare and free housing.

So you will definitely be taken care of.

Now onto more interesting facts. There is no shortage of sights and things to experience in this modern country. From the rich history to a wide range of culinary delicacies and friendly locals. Plus the cost of living is not particularly high.

Because of that, there is a good chance you will walk away with nice savings. You may even be able to pay off a portion of your student loans.

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2. Teaching English inHong Kong

If you are looking to experience life in one of the most developed and busiest destinations in the world, Hong Kong should be your next stop.

There are numerous job options for English language teachers, and you can take the opt for Monkey Tree ESL course so that you get the needed certificate to teach at this great destination.

The cost of living is a bit higher than in South Korea. But the diversity this region has to offer as well as the modern accommodation and lifestyle is well worth it.

Hong Kong is slowly becoming one of the major shopping and business centers in the world. Being able to spend time in such an impressive environment is something a lot of fresh graduates are looking for.

3. Teaching English inThe Middle East

Time to leave Asia and move to the Middle East. Taking into consideration the specific cultural aspect in these countries, the main motivator for young graduates is definitely the size of the salary that is expecting them there.

Middle Eastern countries offer up to $80,000 USD per year for an experienced teacher in addition to numerous benefits and no taxes.

This is definitely quite tempting. Now, it is important to keep in mind that these countries are not a good fit for recent college graduates, as they are looking for certified and experienced teachers.

So most teaching positions are filled with older teachers who have moved their family there due to the favorable financial boost.

teaching English overseas

4. Teaching English in Thailand

The low cost of living and great weather make this destination one of the most coveted by fresh graduates in search of English teaching positions overseas.

The pay range is smaller in comparison to other destinations that made our list. The typical pay range in Thailand is between $850-$1,000 a month.

But Thailand makes up for it in delicious and inexpensive food and rent, great weather, friendly people and the amazing energy of this destination.

So it is understandable why Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for fresh graduates whose main desire is to travel and have fun instead of building a career.

An additional benefit is that most language schools in Thailand are run by ex-travelers looking to save for future trips.

The schools also consist of travelers who intended to do just that, saving for future trips, but they ended up never leaving! It’s easy to fall in love with Thailand.

Great Choices – Great Opportunities

So what do you think about teaching English abroad? Does it appeal to you, or have you done it? Please share your thoughts below.

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