10 Things You Must Do To Experience Summer Like An Aussie!

The most popular time to visit Australia is during summer, while the sun’s shining, the skies are blue, and the locals are cheery! 

Australia has a lot to offer during summer between beaches, dessert and mountain ranges (come back for the snow in winter, we’re not joking it amazing!)

Here are the top 10 activities for you to enjoy during your Aussie summer holiday.

Get Your Mates to Go, Barefoot Bowling

Throughout Australia lawn bowls is typically enjoyed by the elderly but one night a week is barefoot bowls night. This is the night when the young and wild can enjoy a few beers (at prices from the 1970s) with your friends in a sport you’ve never played before.

Burleigh Heads Bowls Club
Credit: Barefoot Bowls

Master The art of Surfing

Surfing is a more than a sport in Australia it is a  lifestyle.. Take a surf lesson, try to stand, fall, try again, perseverance and persistence create grit which is a necessary personality trait for any Australian. Nothing beats the sense of achievement when you actually succeed.

Adventure Beach
Adventure Beach surfing. Credit: Pixabay

Get Down and Dirty Four Wheel Driving

Go for a four-wheel drive tour, it’ll allow you to find things that you never could have explored on your own. You can see the Aussie bush find a waterhole and experience it all while going over bumps and through puddles that are comparable to a roller-coaster ride.

Get Lost on a Road Trip

See as much of Australia as possible on a cheap budget, go for a road trip. Road tripping with some tunes and some friends is a beloved activity no matter where in the world you are. So, do it while you’re in Australia and experience some of the countries true wonders.

Uluru rock, Australia
Ayers Rock, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia. Credit: Pexels

Start a Game of Beach Cricket

Start a game of beach cricket, meet some locals and invite them to play, enjoy some fun and some mateship all under the Aussie sun.

Swimming Under a Waterfall

The Blue Mountains in rural NSW has some beautiful waterfalls. There are many tracks, so enjoy the bushwalk to a beautiful waterfall then strip down to your togs and jump in. The walking tracks are endless here so make sure you  grab a national park map!

Clean With a Property Bonfire

Collect the wood, set it up, make sure it’s safe and let it rip. Having a bonfire on a property with marshmallows, laughter, and someone playing the guitar is an experience you won’t want to miss while you’re in Australia.

BBQ with friends
BBQ with friends. Credit: Unsplash

Have a Classic Backyard BBQ

Australia is one of the few countries that don’t mind eating their emblem animals. So while you’re visiting Australia make sure you try some kangaroo sausages Spicy kangaroo sausages are commonplace and a favourite amongst the locals. The best way to have them is smoked. Get a few friends around, throw on a few kangaroo snags on a super hot natural gas smoker along with a pile of sliced onions. Give them 5-10 minutes then serve them with bread, tomato sauce and the caramelised onions.

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Camp Amongst The Kangaroos

Lying back under the stars on a clear warm night with your swag all set up is one truly great experience in life. Whether you’re by the beach in Byron bay, or by the lake in the Snowy mountains camping is something you should try.

kangaroo mother and puppet
Australian Kangaroos. Credit: Pixabay

Snorkel While it Still Here

Snorkelling is something typically enjoyed at the great barrier reef, but you can also enjoy it further down the coast as well. Just be mindful where ever you are of rips and sharks the Aussie coastline is beautiful, but it can also be quite dangerous. 

Aerial shot beach Australia
The Aussie Coastline. Credit: Pixabay

Live the Life of Luxury, here’s a Bonus Tip for you!

I bet you’ve heard that Australia is expensive.

We have found that food is slightly pricier than the US, but accommodation is where it will sting you! Most places you will be looking at are least $50 a night in an Airbnb.

That’s why you should try house sitting!

It allows you to care for animals (some of the time) and stay in some absolutely beautiful locations. Everything from apartments overlooking Bondi beach to penthouses in the Gold Coast.

It may seem like an outrageous idea, however, but the demand for this is hot!

To get started you need to find the sits. Head over to the best house sitting sites so you can make an informed decision.

Aussie girls
Aussie surfers, enjoying their summer. Credit: Pixabay

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