3 Quick Holiday Travel Smart Tips and Tricks

crowded airplane cabin

Traveling on holidays, except being exciting, can be very stressful if you do not have the right organization.

You need to prepare for things like congestion, flight delays, lost luggage, and so on.

Here's one seasoned traveler's quick advice

Striking up a conversation with a very seasoned business traveler at the airport, this is how she prepares for her holiday travels:

1. Luggage

Make sure your luggage is ready at least 24 hours before the trip. If you have forgotten something, it will not be too late to add it.

Do not overdo the size of your luggage. Do not take any unnecessary goods.

Otherwise, you may incur either extra costs or extra efforts to carry them.

2. Planning your trip

One of the best ways to avoid airport jams and tails is to start your vacation one day earlier than anyone else.

An interesting fact is that at certain holidays, such as on Christmas Day, the amount of passengers is less than the other days of the holidays.

You will also go faster through the airport counters.

3. Improve your comfort

People present at the airport, as well as in traffic jams, can be very distracting.

Therefore, to keep your peace and good mood always have a pair of headphones, a favorite book or music handy.

holiday crowds
Holiday crowd in Oslo, Norway. Independence Day, 17th of May.


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