Travel-Skills 101: Personal Development and Self-Improvement

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All of us can gain personal growth from the development of new skills. That includes our interest in travel or aviation subjects along with everything else we do in life. Captain Jetson’s Travel-Skills101 personal development is all about self-improvement.

Invest in the time and effort for your personal growth and your rewards can be huge!

Personal development, self-growth, or self-improvement? Call it whatever you want.

It all has to do with investing in you, and it’s all about you and your future. Invest in yourself and your life will experience a satisfaction. Your quality of life will improve, and even make you excellent at what you are interested in.

Personal development self-improvement.

Expanding your horizon with Travel-Skills101 personal development

You can read all the articles and blogs in the world to increase your mastering of the skills you seek. The best approach to achieving personal goals is by self-improvement growth, learning new valuable information at a pace that you are comfortable with.

Watching videos while we are learning has become the hottest trend. And naturally so. Learning by reading is still a great tool for learning. But, video-learning motivates us so much more.

Introducing Skillshare

To provide you with useful tools for our Captain Jetson Travel-Skills101 content we have partnered with Skillshare to help you increase your knowledge of how to travel smarter.

Skillshare is an online learning community, teaching real-world personal development skills and self-improvement in countless different topics. The skills are learned through the aid of project-based classes.


Learn unlimited new skills!

Skillshare offers more than 22,000 different classes to choose from, which are attended by 4+Million students!

As you can understand, Skillshare is extremely popular and very large! It’s an ocean of resources for any subject from within you seek self-improvement.

By the way, you can develop your Travel-Skills101 by signing up with Skillshare for free.  Your free account gives you access to Skillset’s many free classes, which you can complete on the web and on mobile (iOS) at your own pace.

Learn new cutting-edge skills, network with your peers, and discover new opportunities now!

How to search for all the classes available


Use the search bar at the top of any of the sample courses we have recommended for you here. Then type in the keywords for the subject you are interested in.

Premium Membership

By the way, if you upgrade to a Premium Membership later you will have full access to over 20,000 classes from their Premium Catalog. You can also watch your courses offline.

The Easiest & Fastest way to Learning A New Language

Enrich your travel experiences, learn the language spoken at your destination.

Babbel language courses are extremely popular, especially among millennials who are now venturing out on world travel like no generation before.

With Babbel your entire language learning process can take place anywhere you are. No need to carry a book to learn. 

Learn using your mobile phone

With just a few hours of dedicated practice over a few days, you achieve personal development in the form of a solid basic mastering of a new foreign language.

And, the best of all, Babbel’s course fees are cheap! Just a valuable investment in self-improvement for a cheap price. 

Check out the language you are interested in learning now!

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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Flying: Help is Here!

If you are one among millions who are anxious or right out afraid of flying you can make the greatest self-improvement investment in your life by getting rid of that terrible feeling.

Conquer your fear of flying once and for all

You need a  proven professional program that works, ran by highly experienced professionals within the field. 

Captain Tom Bunn is a retired airline captain and an experienced licensed therapist. His world-famous fear of flying courses, called SOAR,  has helped fearful flyers like you for years!

Navigate around the site, look at the free videos, discover the courses they offer, educate yourself, and then make your decision. 

SOAR is the resource you need. Simply click the picture below to find out more.

Travel-skills101 personal development self-improvement - How to overcome fear of flying
How To Get Over Your Fear of flying

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