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Don Jibaro

Don Jibaro’s website is a popular site about Puerto Rican culture. He’s a well-known internet figure among Puerto Ricans all over the world. One of his sayings, “A Puerto Rican shall not be boring” is a true reflection of his fun website. Loved by countless visitors worldwide, has been online since the early 1990’s pioneering days of the internet. He’s a writer, webmaster, musician, father, and a teacher. 

Susan is an accomplished travel writer based in Portland, Oregon. Her website is a Pacific Northwest travel site. Her blog focuses on Pacific Northwest travel, but also is a place showcasing all of her travels. It is a great place to start when planning your next vacation to her area of the world. 

Cloe hails from Dunedin, New Zealand, enjoying her career as a freelance writer for various sites. She loves the thrill of exploring new towns in her home country and has written for travel sites such as Active Asia. You can find more of Cloe’s work here.

fortepedia writers


At Fortepedia, we are a team of inspired writers passionate about traveling, lifestyle and encouraging startups. As a freelancer, we understand the importance of productivity at work. Fortepedia never stops finding new ways to create their work productivity. Get in touch with Fortepedia today!

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