COVID-19 Pandemic and Aviation

Airline-dependent jobs make total aviation job losses huge!

Airline Employee Furlough Advice & Guidance: what to do

Airline jobs should survive for a while with the latest coronavirus bill draft

Airline Stimulus Package Explained: What it means for U.S. Airline Workers

Approaching Dark Winter: Make or Break for airlines and related industries

At the Flying Peak of COVID? US passengers and COVID-counts both UP

Aviation: The New Normal

Aviation Employee mass layoffs unavoidable without CARES Act Extension

Congress Agrees on new stimulus (includes airlines) after 10 months!

COVID-crisis causing millions of Airline Credit Card Holder Cancellations

COVID-19: U.S. Airline Industry Outcomes Next 12 Months

Domestic Airspace Closure? The U.S. considering the possibility

Flight Attendants not in FAA-approved group for COVID vaccinations

Flying and Coronavirus: Can you catch it during flights?

Government Aid to Airlines Not Secured: Mass airline employee layoffs looming?

How airline layoffs adversely affect the economy and other jobs

How Communist China Elbows Into Control of US Airlines

International Flying Is Increasing: How about country COVID-restrictions?

Limited Actions from Airlines in Hong Kong Against Coronavirus

Puerto Rico Governor asks FAA to stop flights from COVID-19 hotspots

Scientists show evidence of coronavirus being airborne: Is flying less safe?

State of Aviation: The Future of the Industry as a whole

The CARE’s Act for Airlines: Not Enough!

The EU bans American passengers from visiting Europe

The Importance of US Regional Airline Service Connections

U.S. Airlines set for part Government Ownership – How much ownership the U.S. Government will have in U.S. airlines

US Congress to decide the fate of thousands of airline jobs

What are the Differences in Coronavirus Precautions among US Airlines?

What the Corona Crisis means for Airline Jobs & Careers

Which Airlines have Liquidated or become Bankrupt by the Coronavirus?

Why airline passengers are not getting their cash refunds

737 MAX

(Click here For Thomas Gardner’s Boeing 737 MAX-8: Deception of an Engineering Disaster Revealed article-series).

Boeing’s desperate attempt to get the 737 MAX flying again

Boeing 737 MAX could return serving the US in a few weeks

The latest Boeing 737 MAX Order Cancellations

Why did the FAA predict 15 more 737 Max crashes at the Hearing?

B737 Max Accidents, A Rivalry that Cost Boeing Lives

737 Max: Boeing versus the US Senate in Hearings was a Brutal Affair

737 MAX Recertification Process: When can airlines fly the MAX again?

737 Max Return to Service: Expectations & Remaining Safety Questions

737 MAX Test Flights To Be Run By US Airlines Before Return To Service

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