Ask Captain Jetson (FAQ)

Ask Captain Jetson: Q&A

Airline Pilots and Mental Health Solutions: Keeping Passengers Safe

Airplane Cabin Sounds that you hear during Passenger Boarding explained

Airplane Cabin Windows – Why the Window Pane Small Hole?

Air Pockets When Flying: Air Turbulence FAQs

Are Pilots Allowed To Sleep During Flights?

Can a Plane Land and Take Off on Autopilot?

Can the airplane wings break off in strong turbulence?

Can You Open Airplane Door In Flight?

Classic true 1960s Story from a WW2 pilot turned post-ww2 Pan Am Airline Pilot – From War Pilot to Airline Pilot

Eyebrow Windows in Airplane Cockpits: what were they for?

Funny Airline Pilot Stories from the Golden Era of Flying

How do airplane cabin passenger oxygen masks work?

How To Recover From Jetlag – Tips from an International Airline Pilot

How Does an Airplane Fly? Simple Explanation

How Jet Engines Work: An easy to understand explanation

How pilots handle airplane inflight emergency situations

Stunning Airplane Cockpit Window Static Discharge when Flying – Difference between Inflight Static Discharge and St. Elmo’s Fire

St Elmo’s Fire While Flying – Flight Into Volcanic Ash – Stunning video of the British Airways Flight 9 Jakarta Incident!

Taxiing an Airplane: How Planes Move on the Ground

Turbulence – Air Pockets: What to know when you fly

What is an AvGeek? The Millennial term for Fans of Aviation

Why Airplane Stowaways Die Hiding In The Wheel Well

Why are Thunderstorms Potentially Dangerous to Flying?


Best Airline Rankings: Passenger Satisfaction Rankings for 10 US airlines

Captain Jetson Airline & Travel News Journalist Recognition Awards 2020

Captain Jetson Aviation & Travel Writers Recognition

Civilian Aviation

Air Ambulance High Cost: Saving lives but sending patients into bankruptcy

ALPA launches “Welcome Back, Welcome Aboard” awareness campaign

Aviation Action, an Aviation Worker Assistance Resource

Aviation Safety Toolkit Using Data Analytics

Canadian Airline Consolidations and Acquisitions Hurt Consumers

Electric Airplane Engines – the future of air travel?

How does an Airline Business Succeed?

Hypersonic Flight For Passenger Air Travel coming in the future – SABRE, a Revolutionary New Hypersonic Engine Invention

Junior Flyers Market: Airline Ancillary Revenue Suggestion

MIME Technologies Invents New InFlight Medical Emergency Solutions

Most cargo airlines doing well during the COVID-19 – UPS, FedEx & Atlas Air

NASA X-59 Supersonic Airplane cleared for Final Assembly!

New Supersonic Passenger Flights Getting Ready For Launch – Boom is first out with test-flights!

Private Plane Makes An Emergency Landing in Cataño, Puerto Rico

UK Brexit from the EU: What’s next for Aviation?

What are The Nine Freedoms Of The Air?

What does CAMO mean to aviation management?

What is Aviation Management?

What is Flying Magazine? World’s most widely read Aviation Magazine!

Would You Like A Cargo Compartment Window Seat For Your Flight?

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