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T. Gardner’s 737 MAX article-series

Boeing 737 MAX-8: Deception of an Engineering Disaster Revealed

Airline Flight Attendant Series

Flight Attendant Archive: stories and topics

Pilot Topics

Airline Pilot Early-out Package Details at US Airlines

Airline Pilot Shortage Solutions at United, Delta, American & Southwest

ALPA pilots happy with the Airline Stimulus Package, what’s next?

ALPA Superior Airmanship Award to Pilots of United 1175

Aviation Relief Package: ALPA pilots urging airline worker protection priority

Fair And Open Skies Act: Keeping Passengers Safe, Retaining Airline Jobs

How 5G technology affects Flight Safety: ALPA weighs in

The Increasing Airline Pilot Shortage Problem – What’s the solution?

How pilot quality headsets contribute to your safety in the airplane

Aircraft Manufacturers

Airbus: 39,000 New Aircraft Needed in Next 20 Years

Boeing CEO Muilenburg fired by the Board of Directors!

Boeing-Embraer Joint Venture Status: In the hands of EU Regulators

Boeing-Embraer Partnership: One step closer to completion

Boeing settles with American Airlines

Bombardier agrees to sell Belfast plants to Spirit AeroSystems

Bombardier CRJ to Mitsubishi – Bombardier Exiting Commercial Aviation

Bombardier Exits Commercial Aviation and Rail Divisions

Current Airbus Orders and Deliveries, August 2019

Current Airbus Orders and Deliveries, September 2019

Dante and Volotea Team Up To Develop Hybrid-Electric Aircraft

Embraer Commercial Division being rebranded by Boeing

Imminent: U.S. Government becoming Stakeholder of Boeing

World’s Largest Aircraft Manufacturer Boeing getting KO’d by Airbus

8 Best Instagram Pictures of Airplane Wrecks

Airline Passengers

Airline Passenger Tax Hikes: What are they?

Airline Rating Websites: What exactly is an Airline Rating Organization?

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, & Travel Deal Tuesday Cheap Flight Tickets

Crazy Things Airline Passengers Do during Flights: Funny Inflight Moments

Expensive Airfares to Puerto Rico’s Vieques and Culebra explained

Flight Delay Compensation: How To File Your Claim

Flights to the Caribbean: New routes under the sun

Flying: Why do airline ticket prices constantly change?

Funny Things Passengers Think or Do During Flights

Hating Tomato Juice? You Will Love It When Flying!

How Airlines Decide The Price For Your Airline Tickets – The Cost Of Flights

How to arrive at the airport on time for your flight

How to make Airport and Border Crossing easy

How To Survive Long Flights With Your Kids

Love Letter for an Airline—6 Reasons to Fly Virgin Atlantic

Man defects from Cuba as a cargo stowaway on Miami bound charter flight

New Flight Restrictions To Cuba

New gender-neutral options included in flight booking systems

Ready for airline ticket tax increase? Brace for impact!

Recourse if cheaper airfare found later? – Same airline, same flight

Standing Airplane Seats for Passengers: Any Takers?

TSA warning of Summer Season Travel with “Enhanced Screening” rollout

Uber Air Taxi or Ground Taxi – what’s your choice?

Up, up and away: Plane spotting in St. Maarten

Vaping While Flying – Current Regulations And Restrictions

What are my Airline Passenger Rights Solutions with no US Bill of Rights?

6 Tips On How To Survive Long Flights In Economy Class

8 New Airline Passenger Comfort Features and Inventions

24 Funny Airport and Airline Pictures & Videos – Life at the airport and in the air


Arlanda Airport Robbery: One Million Euro in cash stolen from a courier

Flight Path Museum at LAX Airport: 24th Annual Fundraising Gala 2019

LAX Flight Path Museum -The Crown Jewel of So California Airline History – Best Visitor Attraction at LAX Airport

London Heathrow Airport Worker Strike action Averted, for Now

London Heathrow Third Runway: A Fight for Survival

London Heathrow Worker Strike Looming, Flight Interruptions are Possible

10 Things to Do at London’s Heathrow Airport

Air Traffic Control

List Of Airlines Banned From Flying In the US and European airspace

World’s Busiest Air Traffic Airspace Location – Facts and Videos!

Ask Captain Jetson (FAQ)

Ask Captain Jetson: Q&A

Airline Pilots and Mental Health Solutions: Keeping Passengers Safe

Airplane Cabin Sounds that you hear during Passenger Boarding explained

Airplane Cabin Windows – Why the Window Pane Small Hole?

Air Pockets When Flying: Air Turbulence FAQs

Are Pilots Allowed To Sleep During Flights?

Can a Plane Land and Take Off on Autopilot?

Can the airplane wings break off in strong turbulence?

Can You Open Airplane Door In Flight?

Classic true 1960s Story from a WW2 pilot turned post-ww2 Pan Am Airline Pilot – From War Pilot to Airline Pilot

Eyebrow Windows in Airplane Cockpits: what were they for?

Funny Airline Pilot Stories from the Golden Era of Flying

How do airplane cabin passenger oxygen masks work?

How To Recover From Jetlag – Tips from an International Airline Pilot

How Does an Airplane Fly? Simple Explanation

How Jet Engines Work: An easy to understand explanation

How pilots handle airplane inflight emergency situations

Stunning Airplane Cockpit Window Static Discharge when Flying – Difference between Inflight Static Discharge and St. Elmo’s Fire

St Elmo’s Fire While Flying – Flight Into Volcanic Ash – Stunning video of the British Airways Flight 9 Jakarta Incident!

Taxiing an Airplane: How Planes Move on the Ground

Turbulence – Air Pockets: What to know when you fly

What is an AvGeek? The Millennial term for Fans of Aviation

Why Airplane Stowaways Die Hiding In The Wheel Well

Why are Thunderstorms Potentially Dangerous to Flying?


Best Airline Rankings: Passenger Satisfaction Rankings for 10 US airlines

Captain Jetson Airline & Travel News Journalist Recognition Awards 2020

Captain Jetson Aviation & Travel Writers Recognition

Civilian Aviation

Air Ambulance High Cost: Saving lives but sending patients into bankruptcy

ALPA launches “Welcome Back, Welcome Aboard” awareness campaign

Aviation Action, an Aviation Worker Assistance Resource

Aviation Safety Toolkit Using Data Analytics

Canadian Airline Consolidations and Acquisitions Hurt Consumers

Electric Airplane Engines – the future of air travel?

How does an Airline Business Succeed?

Hypersonic Flight For Passenger Air Travel coming in the future – SABRE, a Revolutionary New Hypersonic Engine Invention

Junior Flyers Market: Airline Ancillary Revenue Suggestion

MIME Technologies Invents New InFlight Medical Emergency Solutions

NASA X-59 Supersonic Airplane cleared for Final Assembly!

New Supersonic Passenger Flights Getting Ready For Launch – Boom is first out with test-flights!

Private Plane Makes An Emergency Landing in Cataño, Puerto Rico

UK Brexit from the EU: What’s next for Aviation?

What are The Nine Freedoms Of The Air?

What does CAMO mean to aviation management?

What is Aviation Management?

What is Flying Magazine? World’s most widely read Aviation Magazine!

Would You Like A Cargo Compartment Window Seat For Your Flight?

COVID-19 Pandemic and Aviation

Airline-dependent jobs make total aviation job losses huge!

Airline jobs should survive for a while with the latest coronavirus bill draft

Airline Stimulus Package Explained: What it means for U.S. Airline Workers

At the Flying Peak of COVID? US passengers and COVID-counts both UP

Aviation: The New Normal

Aviation Employee mass layoffs unavoidable without CARES Act Extension

Domestic Airspace Closure? The U.S. considering the possibility

Flying and Coronavirus: Can you catch it during flights?

Government Aid to Airlines Not Secured: Mass airline employee layoffs looming?

How Communist China Elbows Into Control of US Airlines

International Flying Is Increasing: How about country COVID-restrictions?

Limited Actions from Airlines in Hong Kong Against Coronavirus

Puerto Rico Governor asks FAA to stop flights from COVID-19 hotspots

Scientists show evidence of coronavirus being airborne: Is flying less safe?

State of Aviation: The Future of the Industry as a whole

The CARE’s Act for Airlines: Not Enough!

The EU bans American passengers from visiting Europe

U.S. Airlines set for part Government Ownership – How much ownership the U.S. Government will have in U.S. airlines

US Congress to decide the fate of thousands of airline jobs

What are the Differences in Coronavirus Precautions among US Airlines?

What the Corona Crisis means for Airline Jobs & Careers

Which Airlines have Liquidated or become Bankrupt by the Coronavirus?

Why airline passengers are not getting their cash refunds

737 MAX

Boeing’s desperate attempt to get the 737 MAX flying again

Boeing 737 MAX could return serving the US in a few weeks

The latest Boeing 737 MAX Order Cancellations

Why did the FAA predict 15 more 737 Max crashes at the Hearing?

B737 Max Accidents, A Rivalry that Cost Boeing Lives

737 Max: Boeing versus the US Senate in Hearings was a Brutal Affair

737 MAX Recertification Process: When can airlines fly the MAX again?

737 Max Return to Service: Expectations & Remaining Safety Questions

737 MAX Test Flights To Be Run By US Airlines Before Return To Service


military aviation and flying topics, F-22
F-22. USAF.

B-2 Spirit fly-by starts the 2020 New Years Pasadena Rose Parade

B-52 bombers in place at Diego Garcia awaiting orders after Iranian attacks

Chilean Air Force C-130 Hercules plane crashes en route to Antarctica

How Pilots prepare for an Airshow Flyby in a Military C-17 Globemaster

How to Become a U.S. Air Force (USAF) Reserve Pilot

New Air Force One Colors proposed by President Trump

T-38 Vance Air Force Base crash involved 2 jets, 4 pilots, 2 deaths

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