Flight Attendant Stories, Secrets, and Lifestyle

Airline passengers often have a lot of questions about flight attendants. Captain Jetsons’ Flight Attendant Journalist team reveals flight attendant stories, secrets, and lifestyle. Written by professional flight attendants working for different airlines.

Typical Flight Attendant FAQs

  • What does a flight attendant think about passengers?
  • How do our Flight Attendant safety-heroes of the sky deal with the stress of handling hundreds of passengers a day?
  • What do many passengers do that irritates a flight attendant?
  • How do you become a flight attendant?
  • What is the lifestyle of a flight attendant like?

Flight attendant Stories, told by Flight Attendants

Typical Flight Attendant Salaries and Benefits of Travel By Flight Attendant Leandi Schoonraad.

Flight Attendant Seat Upgrade: Can you really sweet-talk yourself into one? By Flight Attendant J.

Other Flight Attendant Stories

DC-10 pub, Continental Airlines
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One of our most frequently asked questions: How to become a flight attendant and get paid to travel.
american flight attendant appreciation
Read how American Airlines celebrated: American Airlines Flight Attendant Appreciation Day.
Flight attendants - air hostesses - sure dressing to impress
Do you enjoy the appearance of the stylish uniforms flight attendants wear? Here’s a peek at flight attendant uniforms around the world in Female Flight Attendant (Air Hostess) Uniforms, Dressing to Impress.
Do flight attendants gossip about passengers?
The answer to the age-old question… Do Flight Attendants gossip about passengers?
Norma Heape, Flight Attendant
Our most-read flight attendant article of all times! Norma Heape – the world’s most experienced flight attendant?
Want to know a few crazy things flight attendants experience? Then, don’t miss this extremely popular article! 40 Funny Airplane Cabin Pictures, what Flight Attendants see every day!

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