World’s Largest Aircraft Manufacturer Boeing getting KO’d by Airbus

Airbus is fast moving into the position of taking over Boeing’s staple as being the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer. Boeing’s European competitor may be positioning themselves to deliver a KO punch to Boeing’s jaw.

Boeing 737 MAX dilemma

Boeing has not received a single order for a 737 MAX for three months in a row now. Boeings’ financial numbers were just made public resulting in a fall of their stock value. It did come back up slightly after the announcement, however.

There are about four months since the Ethiopian 737 MAX accident occurred.

Boeing announced in June that an agreement had been made with IAG for the purchase of 200 new airplanes. But that order has not yet been finalized.

Boeing’s future may lie in decisions made in their view of MAX

It is unknown when the MAX planes will be flying again. Any estimate for when the MAX will be airborne is purely speculation.

Then, when it does fly again whats’ in the future for this new airplane originally built on 1960’s technology, but stretched to the max to fit today’s technology? Then there is the issue of whether or not passengers will regain the confidence of flying on the MAX.

Americans tend to forgive and forget history easily. Based on that I would not be surprised to see the MAX back in full force, trusted by most passengers again.

If Boeing wants to remain the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer into the far future they may start thinking of a replacement for the Boeing 737 series aircraft altogether.

Boeing deliveries this year versus last

Boeing’s results showed 378 airplanes delivered during the first six months of 2018. Deliveries for the first half of the year in 2019 counted 239 airplanes. That’s a 37% reduction in deliveries for the first six months of 2019.

Airbus manufacturing

While Boeing is struggling to improve its momentum Airbus is currently in smooth sailing.

Airbus delivered 389 airplanes during the first half of 2019, compared with 303 deliveries at the same time last year. That’s a 28% increase in deliveries for the first six months of 2019.

World's Largest Aircraft Manufacturer Boeing vs Airbus
Regardless of who is the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer, Airbus or Boeing, you will continue seeing both brands at every major airport around the world. Here from Munich Airport, Germany.

The first change of Title in Eight Years

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Toulouse-based Airbus has promised to build between 880 and 890 airplanes in 2019.

If Airbus is able to keep that promise they will be in a position to deliver more aircraft than Boeing for the first time since 2012.

Boeing’s plans for 2019 was to build 905 new aircraft in 2019. But then the MAX accidents happened. Boeing’s production had to be reduced by one-fifth in the month of April alone.

The aggressive-progressive Airbus appears set to become the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer real soon.

As much as I love Boeing and would personally like to see them retain their championship belt. I believe Airbus is now doing their best to take advantage of Boeing’s miscalculation of never abandoning further development of their best-selling 1960’s modernized 737 jets.

Boeings’ long-standing 737 vision may have come back to bite them

Had Boeing had some foresight years earlier by developing a 737 replacement from scratch, the MAX accident may have never happened.

Instead, Boeing chose to press on with business as usual by stretching the capabilities of an old Boeing 737 design concept to the limit with the MAX disaster.

Airbus, however, applied innovative thinking and strategies. The result? Airbus’ own version of a “737”, their A320 family of new airplanes.

The A320 series Airbus airplanes probably represent Boeing’s biggest challenge to the future of their 737 aircraft.

What does the future hold for Boeing and its MAX? Only time can tell.

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