Who are the Norwegian Air Airplane Owners?

The owners of Norwegian Air’s airplanes are scattered among several entities, with a few aircraft owned by the airline itself. But who are these entities that Norwegian leases its airplanes from?

  • According to Norwegian’s 4th quarter report, the airline had 156 airplanes in its fleet at the end of 2019.
  • Then the corona pandemic hit. So did the restructuring of the airline with some lease returns. Thus, the fleet-number of Norwegian is currently at around 136 airplanes.
  • Only eight 737-800s are currently flying*, at least until the airline opens up for European flying again in July and August. None of the 787’s are currently flying.

* The eight B737-800s currently flying on domestic routes in Norway are tailnumbers LN-NDG, LN-NGM, LN-NGP, LN-NHC, LN-NHD, SE-RPR, and SE-RPT.

Norwegian Air Restructuring

On May 4 Norwegian received approval from its shareholders to turn debt into shares.

Pre-restructuring plans (and prior to the coronavirus pandemic) called for a fleet of 168 Norwegian Air aircraft to be flying in 2020.

Airlanes owned by Norwegian Air

The airline’s own airplanes are under the umbrella of its Irish subsidiary Arctic Aviation Assets (AAA). AAA was founded in 2012 to handle the enormous airplane order at the time.

The goal of AAA was to own some aircraft while leasing other.

Per the first-quarter report (Q1-2020) Norwegian owns 55 airplanes. The rest of the fleet are leased from miscellaneous aircraft leasing companies.

In 2019, Norwegian Air sold 12 of its 737-800s, which generated a 55M USD cash injection into the company. Six of these aircraft were sold to Pembroke Aircraft Leasing.

A Norwegian Air B737-800. Video: Norwegian.

Norwegian Air’s B737-800 fleet

At the time of writing, Norwegian’s 737 fleet consists of 85 737-800s, with eight currently flying, each configured for 186 passengers.

The B737-MAX fleet of Norwegian Air

Norwegian initially ordered 100 B737-MAX aircraft. At the time the two MAX-crashes occurred the airline had taken possession of 18 MAX8s. The 18 aircraft have been parked since the entire world grounded the airplane. Each airplane has been configured for 189 passengers.

norwegian air airplane owners, B787-900
This B787-900 with tail number EI-LNA. DP Aircraft is one of many Norwegian Air airplane owners leasing its aircraft to the airline. Photo: Norwegian.

Norwegian Air’s B787 Dreamliner Fleet

The largest aircraft in the Norwegian Air fleet is the beautiful Boeing 787-8 and the 787-9, also known as the “Dreamliner”. The airline has 37 Dreamliners in its fleet.

The passenger configuration of the 787-8 model is 32 in Premium Class and 259 in Economy class. The 787-9 model is configured for 56 in Premium Class and 282 in Economy, or 35 in Premium Class and 309 in Economy.

At the beginning of its 787 ownership Norwegian (and other airlines) was hard hit by the manufacturing problems that initially hit this new aircraft.

Technical problems and delivery delays caused problems for Norwegian. At no fault of the airline, Boeing and Norwegian came to a solution to the problems through a crisis-negotiation between the parties.

Later on, problems were discovered with the Rolls Royce engines of the airplane, resulting in a temporary grounding of the airplane to fix the problem. The problem, however, still hasn’t been fully fixed. Prior to the coronavirus crisis, Norwegian was prepared to deal with the Rolls Royce engine problems well into 2020.

By the way, the early problems of the 787 included battery fires (which did not hit any of Norwegian’s planes). Among many airline pilots, the plane was nicknamed “sparky” as a result. The FAA and Boeing got the lithium-battery problem fixed.

Breakdown of Norwegian Air’s fleet and airplane owners

  • Below you can see which aircraft leasing companies own the Norwegian fleet. You can also see which aircraft are company-owned.
  • The tailnumber of each aircraft has been included, as well as where these airplanes are currently parked (at the time of publishing), awaiting the COVID-19 airline-crisis recovery and Norwegian Air restructuring moves.
  • The aircraft we have not been able to confirm ownership of is listed at the bottom.

Airports where Norwegian aircraft are currently parked

  • OSL: Oslo, Norway.
  • SVG: Stavanger, Norway.
  • TRD: Trondheim, Norway.
  • BGO: Bergen, Norway.
  • CPH: Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • ARL: Arlanda, Sweden.
  • HEL: Helsinki, Finland.
  • LGW: London Gatwick.
  • EDI: Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • GLA: Glasgow, Scotland.
  • EZE: Buenos Aires.

Norwegian Air airplane owners are located worldwide

Norwegian aircraft, whether leased or owned, are registered in different countries, as indicated by the first two letters of their tail-numbers:

  • LN: Norwegian registry.
  • SE: Swedish registry.
  • EI: Irish registry.
  • G: U.K. registry.
  • LV: Argentinian registry.

AerCap, lessor (12 airplanes)

  • LN-LND, parked at GLA (787-8).
  • LN-LNE, parked at GLA (787-8).
  • LN-LNF, parked at OSL (787-8).
  • LN-LNG, parked at GLA (787-8).
  • G-CKOF, parked at SVG (787-9).
  • G-CKWB, parked at SVG (787-9).
  • G-CKWD, parked at LGW (787-9).
  • G-CKWE, parked at SVG (787-9).
  • LN-LNO, parked at CPH (787-9).
  • LN-LNR, parked at SVG (787-9).
  • LN-LNT, parked at OSL (787-9).
  • LN-LNX, parked at OSL (787-9).

AMCK Aviation, lessor (1 airplane)

  • LN-NIB, parked at OSL (737-800).

Arctic Aviation Associates (AAA), a lessor owned by Norwegian Air (28 airplanes)

  • LN-DYT, parked at TRD (737-800).
  • LN-DYU, parked at TRD (737-800).
  • LN-NDG, FLYING (737-800).
  • LN-NGM, FLYING(737-800).
  • LN-NGN, parked at OSL (737-800).
  • LN-NGP, parked at FLYING (737-800).
  • LN-NHC, FLYING (737-800).
  • LN-NHD, FLYING (737-800).
  • SE-RPD, parked at OSL (737-800).
  • SE-RPE, parked at BGO (737-800).
  • SE-RPF, parked at BGO (737-800).
  • SE-RPH, parked at BGO (737-800).
  • SE-RPI, parked at OSL (737-800).
  • SE-RPJ, parked at ARL (737-800).
  • SE-RPK, parked at OSL (737-800).
  • SE-RPL, parked at SVG (737-800).
  • SE-RPM, parked at BGO (737-800).
  • SE-RPR, FLYING (737-800).
  • SE-RPS, parked at ARL (737-800).
  • SE-RPU, parked at ARL (737-800).
  • SE-RPT, FLYING (737-800).
  • SE-RRH, FLYING (737-800).
  • SE-RRI, parked at HEL (737-800).
  • LN-BKA, parked at ARL (737-MAX8).
  • LN-BKB, parked at ARL (737-MAX8).
  • SE-RYC, parked (737-MAX8).
  • SE-RTA, parked at CPH (737-MAX8).
  • LN-LNP, parked at SVG (787-9).

Asia Aviation Capital (1 airplane)

  • EI-FVW, parked at SVG (737-800).

Avolon, lessor (3 airplanes)

  • G-CKWC, parked at OSL (787-9).
  • LN-LNN, parked at OSL (787-9).
  • SE-RXZ, parked at SVG (787-9).

BOC Aviation, lessor (6 airplanes)

  • G-CKWP, parked at SVG (787-9).
  • G-CKWS, parked at SVG (787-9).
  • G-CKWT, parked at SVG (787-9).
  • G-CKWU, parked at OSL (787-9).
  • SE-RXM, parked at SVG (787-9).
  • SE-RXY, parked at GLA (787-9).

CCB Financial Leasing, lessor (2 airplanes)

  • SE-RTB, parked at ARL (737-MAX8).
  • SE-RTC, parked at OSL (737-MAX8).

DAE Capital, lessor (1 airplane)

  • LN-NIE, parked at OSL (737-800).

Doric Aviation, lessor (2 airplanes)

  • EI-FHJ, parked at TRD (B737-800).
  • EI-FHK, parked at SVG (737-800).

DP Aircraft, lessor (2 airplanes)

  • EI–LNA, parked at GLA (787-8).
  • LN-LNB, parked at GLA (787-8).

DVB Bank, lessor (2 airplanes)

  • EI-FHA, parked at SVG (737-800).
  • EI-FHD, parked at SVG (737-800).

DY8 & DY9 Leasing, lessor, owned by Wilmington Trust (3 airplanes)

  • LN-LNC, parked at OSL (787-8).
  • LN-LNE, parked at ARL (787-8).
  • LN-LNH, parked at GLA (787-8).

FPG Group, lessor (16 airplanes)

  • LN-NIC, parked at OSL (737-800).
  • LN-NID, parked at BGO (737-800).
  • LN-NIG, parked at OSL (737-800).
  • LN-NIH, parked at OSL (737-800).
  • LN-NII, parked at BGO (737-800).
  • SE-RRA, parked at OSL (737-800).
  • SE-RRB, parked at BGO (737-800).
  • SE-RRC, parked at OSL (737-800).
  • SE-RRD, parked at BGO (737-800).
  • SE-RRE, parked at BGO (737-800).
  • SE-RRF, parked at OSL (737-800).
  • SE-RRG, parked at TRD (737-800).
  • SE-RRN, parked at OSL (737-800).
  • SE-RRO, parked at ARL (737-800).
  • SE-RRP, parked at ARL (737-800).
  • SE-RRS, parked at ARL (737-800).

ICBC, lessor (1 airplane)

  • EI-FVT, parked at ARL (737-800).

Jackson Square Aviation (8 airplanes)

  • SE-RPA, parked at BGO (737-800).
  • SE-RPB, parked at BGO (737-800).
  • SE-RPC, parked at BGO (737-800).
  • SE-RRU, parked at TRD (737-800).
  • SE-RRV, parked at ARL (737-800).
  • SE-RRX, parked at TRD (737-800).
  • SE-RRY, parked at TRD (737-800).
  • SE-RRZ, parked at ARL (737-800).

MG Aviation, lessor (4 airplanes)

  • LN-LNI, parked at OSL (787-9).
  • LN-LNJ, parked at ARL (787-9).
  • LN-LNK, parked at OSL (787-9).
  • LN-LNL, parked at CPH (787-9).

Mitsui Bussan Aerospace, lessor (4 airplanes)

  • SE-RRJ, parked at TRD (737-800).
  • LN-BKC, parked at OSL (737-MAX8).
  • SE-RYA, parked (737-MAX8).
  • SE-RYB, parked (737-MAX8).

Seraph Aviation, lessor (1 airplane)

  • EI-FVK, parked at SVG (737-800).

SKK Corporation, lessor (1 airplane)

  • EI-FHP, parked at SVG (737-800).

SMBC, lessor (5 airplanes)

  • EI-FHV, parked at OSL (737-800).
  • EI-FHZ, parked at CPH (737-800).
  • EI-FVX, parked at TRD (737-800).
  • EI-FVY, parked at SVG (737-800).
  • SE-RRT, parked at TRD (737-800).

Wings Capital Partners, lessor (2 airplanes)

  • EI-FHN, parked at SVG (737-800).
  • EI-FNR, parked at OSL (737-800).

Norwegian Air airplanes: Undetermined ownership vs lease status (31 airplanes)

We have not been able to confirm owned versus the leased status of the following aircraft operated by Norwegian:

  • EI-FJH, parked at TRD (737-800).
  • EI-FJJ, parked at SVG (737-800).
  • EI-FHW, parked at OSL (737-800).
  • EI-FJH, parked at TRD (737-800).
  • EI-FVN, parked at ARL (737-800).
  • EI-FVM, parked at SVG (737-800).
  • EI-FVJ, parked at TRD (737-800).
  • EI-FJJ, parked at SVG (737-800).
  • EI-FJY, parked at SVG (737-800).
  • EI-FJZ, parked at SVG (737-800).
  • EI-FVR, parked at SVG (737-800).
  • EI-FVU, parked at SVG (737-800).
  • EI-FVV, parked at SVG (737-800).
  • EI-FVZ, parked at TRD (737-800).
  • EI-FBF, parked at OSL (737-800).
  • SE-RYJ, parked (737-MAX8).
  • SE-RYK, parked (737-MAX8).
  • SE-RYL, parked (737-MAX8).
  • EI-FYD, parked at OSL (737-MAX8).
  • EI-FYE, parked at EDI (737-MAX8).
  • SE-RYF, parked (737-MAX8).
  • SE-RYG, parked (737-MAX8).
  • SE-RYH, parked (737-MAX8).
  • SE-RYI, parked (737-MAX8).
  • G-CKOG, parked at OSL (787-9).
  • G-CKWA, parked at OSL (787-9).
  • G-CKWF, parked at OSL (787-9).
  • G-CKWN, parked at OSL (787-9).
  • LN-LNS, parked at OSL (787-9).
  • LN-LNU, parked at CPH (787-9).
  • LN-LNV, parked at SVG (787-9).

Norwegian Airplanes already returned or to be returned to lessor (12 airplanes)

  • EI-FHX: Returned to the lessor on April 29, 2020 (737-800).
  • EI-FHE: Removed from its fleet on March 7, 2020, returned to the lessor (AerCap) (737-800).
  • EI-GBB: Returned to the lessor on April 28, the plane went to Fly Gangwon (737-800).
  • EI-GBI: Returned to the lessor on April 28 (737-800).
  • EI-NGX: Returned to the lessor (China Aircraft Leasing – CALC) (737-800).
  • EI-NGY: Returned to the lessor (China Aircraft Leasing – CALC) (737-800).
  • EI-NHB: Returned to the lessor (China Aircraft Leasing – CALC) (737-800).
  • EI-NGZ: Sold (737-800).
  • EI-NHA: Sold (737-800).
  • LV-HQH: Parked at EZE (737-800), leased from ICBC. Current lessee unknown. Norwegian discontinued its Argentina-operation.
  • LV-IQZ: Parked at EZE (737-800), leased from ICBC. Current lessee unknown. Norwegian discontinued its Argentina-operation.
  • LV-ITK: Parked at EZE (737-800), leased from ICBC. Current lessee unknown. Norwegian discontinued its Argentina-operation.

Featured Image: Norwegian B787-800. Photo: Norwegian.

Did you know Norwegian Air had so many different airplane owners? As a matter of fact, airlines leasing a large number of the planes they operate is a pretty normal practice at most airlines. We have done our best to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in this article. Should you notice any inaccuracies please let us know here.

References: E24 & verified insider-sources.

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