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What is it like being a Flight Attendant? FAQ by YouTube Star Jetting Julia

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Hello! First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Julia Ross and I am a flight attendant for a major US Airline. I LOVE my job and really hope that through my YouTube channel (Jetting Julia) and articles on this site I can educate others on my career path and inspire a life full of travel

This story reflects on flight attendant life before the coronavirus pandemic hit the airline industry.

Common questions to what it is like to be a flight attendant

I am asked questions all the time by family, friends, and passengers about what it’s like to be a flight attendant and work in the airline industry. I decided to write this article focusing on many common questions I’m asked and hopefully provide answers about the mysterious life of a jet setter! 

Why did you decide to be a flight attendant?

– I chose to become a flight attendant for many reasons. One of the largest reasons though was that I wanted a career where I could explore my passion for traveling and helping others. I’ve always wanted to see the world (as corny as it sounds) so I was looking for a career where I could actually be paid to see it. I also knew a desk job wasn’t for me (I grew up as a gymnast so have always been very active), and as a flight attendant, I’m always on the go

Why does it take so long to become a flight attendant?

– The hiring process to become a flight attendant is pretty lengthy, and the airlines are very selective because they get SO many applications. Applications only open a few times a year and hundreds of thousands of people apply! The interview process (typically) includes the initial application, a questionnaire, a video interview, and an in-person interview. Then if given the contingent job offer you will go to training which is anywhere from 4-8 weeks!

What is your favorite part of the plane to work on? Least favorite?

– My favorite part of the plane to work on is anywhere up front in first class, I like the enhanced level of service and serving meals is fun. I honestly don’t have a least favorite part of the plane to work on. 

Do you stay with the same aircraft during your travels? 

– Sometimes but not always! We actually change aircrafts a lot during our trips and throughout the day. However, when a trip begins we will always stay with similar aircrafts that require the same amount of flight attendants. I’ve never began a trip and had flight attendants added or subtracted later on. 

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Are there flight attendants who only fly international flights and don’t fly domestically? Are the international flights awarded by seniority?

– Yes! ALL flights are awarded by seniority whether they be domestic or international. Every month we bid for the specific type of trips we want to work, layovers, positions on the plane, etc. However, it is difficult (requires high seniority) to hold a purely international line of flying. 

Are you ever required to share a hotel room with your fellow coworkers on layovers?

– No, never! One of my favorite perks of this career is having the hotel room to yourself to relax and decompress after a long day. 

Do you pay for your hotels on layovers?

– No, the airline pays for them! 

More Flight Attendant Questions? Ask me!

Those are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive about being a flight attendant. I really hope you all enjoyed reading this article and found it fun and informational. I answer more questions on my YouTube video which you can find here as well. 

Jetting Julia is a popular YouTube channel where Julia presents the aspects of being a Flight Attendant.

Thanks for reading!


About the Author, Jetting Julia

Flight Attendant YouTube inluencer, Jetting Julia
Julia Ross is a flight attendant for a major US airline. She has been in the airline industry for two years and loves to share her experiences through her YouTube channel Jetting Julia.
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