What is Flying Magazine? World’s most widely read Aviation Magazine!

Describing what Flying Magazine, simply called “Flying”, is all about in one word is very simple: Flying!

However, the magazine did not become the world’s most widely read aviation magazine just from a word. Its aviation content is simply among the best ever since the magazine was founded in 1927, almost a hundred years ago!

The magazine is read by pilots, student pilots, AvGeeks, owners of aircraft, and about everyone else in some way involved or interested in aviation.

(This article was updated July 29, 2020).

what is flying magazine, flying
There is never a lack of great reading every time Flying comes out with a new monthly issue. Image: Flying Magazine.

Exactly what is Flying Magazine all about?

The content of the magazine includes the greatest articles on aviation news, training, airplanes, gear, photos, videos, and even aviation careers. Heavily focused on general aviation (but a lesser emphasis on airliners and airline flying) it is a favorite among thousands of private pilots worldwide.

Flying Magazine is much more than great reading about flying. The magazine’s YouTube channel offers a lot of great content too.

Flying Magazine is simply one aviation publication and news source that about every pilot on earth falls in love with from day one of their aviation-aspirations.

To many aviation professionals as well as AvGeeks, Flying Magazine and Flying are two things that are inseparable.

Today Flying Magazine has the largest paid subscriber-numbers of any U.S.-based aviation publications.

Notable ongoing article learning series

The old classic series “I learned About Flying From That” and the “Pilot Proficiency” articles and other articles that Flying Magazine has published over the years have provided valuable life-saving tips to pilots on how to stay safe and avoid getting into trouble when they fly.

Simulated engine out. Video: Flying Magazine/YouTube.

How I accredit Flying Magazine for me becoming a pilot

Long before I took my first flight lesson in 1978 two things sparked my early interest in aviation:

Why I became a pilot, Part 1

The first thing that kick-started my interest was walking home from school at 12 years old.

When I looked up in the sky I spotted these big contrails being formed by a jet passing above me at 30-something thousands of feet. At that time I said to myself:

“That will be me someday, I want to become a pilot!”.

Why I became a pilot, Part 2

The second thing that truly placed my dream of becoming a pilot into clear perspective? Yes, you guessed right…

Flying Magazine!

As soon as I learned about this publication I spent my hard-earned money as a summer-job newspaper delivery boy on a magazine subscription. Why? It was not just a fascinating magazine with a lot of great plane pictures, it was very educational!

Len Morgan, Flying Magazine writer

My favorite writer at the time? The late great Len Morgan! I could literally recite every paragraph in about every article he wrote. He quickly became my motivator with his often highly educational as well as riveting aviation articles.

By the way, Len Morgan’s description of being a pilot?

“The way I see it, you can either work for a living or you can fly airplanes. Me, I’d rather fly.”

A childhood dream became true

By the way, 42 years after my first flight lesson and 28,000 total flying hours logged later I am indeed in charge of that cockpit I was dreaming about when I was 12 years old!

Out of the 42 years I’ve been flying, 33 years have been spent in the cockpits of the major U.S. airline I am now with.

One thing I won’t quit when I retire from my airline?

I will continue to read Flying Magazine!

Are you a Flying Magazine reader? What do you think of the quality of its content? You can have a look at Flying Magazine here. Please let me know your thoughts here.

Safe flying always,

Captain Les.

Featured Image: Pixabay.

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