United Airlines Presenting Star Wars Campaign Video Ad

Fly The Friendly Galaxy

United’s spectacular Star Wars campaign videos, under its “Fly The Friendly Galaxy” ad-drive, has brought the upcoming Star Wars movie frenzy to new heights.

The “Fly The Friendly Galaxy” slogan has been designed to tie-in with the movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

This latest movie in the Star Wars saga has been set for release on December 20. The movie also marks the conclusion of the Star Wars movie series. However, Hollywood has surprised us before when it comes to the “conclusion” of any movie.

United’s Star Wars-themed airplane

united star wars campaign videos, B737, fly the friendly galaxy
Photo: United Airlines/YouTube.

United teamed up with the Star Wars producers to create the Star Wars Boeing 737 plane a while back.

The new United Star Wars television ad campaign video

In this clip, we see real-life United Airlines employee Channon Dade, portrayed as an airline marshaller swapping her batons for lightsabers.

The 30-second clip will air as a television commercial in the U.S. into January. The video was made by the New York ad agency McGarryBowen.

Video 1: United’s Star Wars television commercial

United Airlines/YouTube.


Video 2: the United Star Wars plane

United Airlines/YouTube.

This United Boeing 737 transformed from a regular United livery to a stunning Star Wars livery in no time. The paint job was so good, that comments overheard at the unveiling included,

“Even the Universal Studios theme park couldn’t have delivered anything more spectacular”.

…and we agree!

Fly the friendly galaxy, Live from Houston

Eyes were popping and the atmosphere was red-hot when United celebrated its first flight on the Star Wars airplane. Everything was planned, ready, and prepped to go. United’s friends from a remote galaxy showed up to join in on the celebration.

Video 3: Houston Airport

United Airlines/Youtube.

Star Wars plane takes flight

TV station KHOU in Houston Texas was in place to cover the news as the first flight of the Star Wars-themed airplane took to the air (or should we say took to the galaxy) on its maiden flight with passengers.

Video 4: KHOU’s news coverage


Safety video

Even flights into the galaxy require a safety briefing. The Star Wars plane presented its own specialized briefing. United did a great movie-inspired job in this safety briefing focusing on the Star Wars experience.

Video 5: The Safety Demonstration

United Airlines/YouTube.

What do you think about the United Star Wars-themed videos? Your comments are welcome. Please contact us here.

united star wars campaign videos taxiing, fly the friendly galaxy
Photo: United Airlines/YouTube.

Featured Image: United airlines/YouTube.

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