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Top Advantages Of Charter Air Travel

Includes Stress-Free Tips For Traveling By Charter Plane!

Charter air travel is becoming increasingly popular as a way to take the inconvenience out of flying.

Flight cancellations, grueling check-in lines, and missing baggage — they’re all common stresses associated with commercial air travel.

Many travelers have accepted these annoyances as just another part of air travel, but your experience doesn’t have to be one filled with stress, extra fees and waiting in line.

As more people begin to choose charter air travel, they’re realizing this mode of transportation has a lot of advantages. The following are some of the many benefits of traveling by charter plane.

charter air travel tips

More Available Airports

Choosing charter air travel means you have more options. Choose from a far wider selection of destinations, including some of the smallest airfields and private airports. Flying to and from smaller airports means you can land closer to home or your destination while avoiding the hassles of congested traffic at commercial airports.

Fly At Your Convenience

A private aircraft’s flight schedule is designed to suit your needs. Many charter flights access your destination directly, and if you do have a layover, it won’t be one that keeps you in the airport waiting for hours. You can forget about sprinting from terminal to terminal to make your connecting flight — a charter aircraft waits for you.

Choose Your Snacks and Drinks

Stop deciding between peanuts and pretzels — unless you want them, of course. Choosing charter air travel means you can pick whichever foods and/or drinks you crave. Go with fine dining or have your favorite take-out waiting when you board — whatever you want to eat and drink in flight is entirely up to you.

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Enjoy the Privacy

Flying on a charter aircraft means choosing who flies with you. Whether you’re headed to a family getaway to a tropical island or a business meeting in a major city, you won’t have to deal with strangers disturbing your sleep or interrupting your work. Quality WiFi also means you can accomplish more on the way to your destination.

No Standing in Line

Every trip to a commercial airport involves standing in numerous lines. You stand in line to check in for your flight, to check your bags, to pass through security, to order food and to board the plane. However, when you fly via charter aircraft, waiting in line becomes an airport annoyance of the past. You don’t need to arrive two hours before your flight on a charter; check-in and security clearances are a breeze.

Ultimate Comfort

One of the biggest benefits of choosing charter air travel is the comfort you’ll enjoy aboard every flight. Private aircraft aren’t designed to carry as many people as possible, so you enjoy more leg room, seats that recline farther and more space to yourself throughout the entire cabin. Charters are designed to do more than get you to your destination; they’re designed to help you arrive well-rested and ready for whatever your trip entails.

It’s time to make air travel a luxurious experience again. Whether you’re en route to an important business meeting or your next bucket-list location, choose a charter aircraft to reach your destination, quickly, comfortably and in style. Simply fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the flight.

Best Tips For Traveling By Charter Plane

Planemasters, a major charter air travel operator out of Illinois has compiled a guide with the best air charter tips to enhance your charter air travel experience as good as it can be.

You can save or print out this free guide to keep it as a reference for your current or future charter air travel possibilities.

Author bio: Todd DeSimone has been General Manager at Planemasters since 2000. Based in West Chicago, IL, Planemasters has been the industry leader in charter flight operations for more than 30 years. 

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