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There is plenty to see in the UK outside of the capital city, as our previous post on five fabulous day trips you can take from London demonstrated, especially at the many coastal town gems.

Just waiting to bee explored the UK is also famous for its coastline, with many towns and hidden gems located on the seafront. 

Here are the top UK coastal towns you should definitely visit.

United Kingdom towns around the coast
The red arrows show the map locations of the top 5 UK coastal towns to explore. Map Credit: Google Maps.

1. Newquay

top UK Coastal Towns to Explore, Newquay
A view of Newquay. Image Credit: Facebook.

Where is Newquay

Newquay is located in Cornwall, which is on England’s southwestern tip.

Why visit Newquay

Newquay has stunning beaches, which are surrounded by equally stunning and sweeping landscapes. That alone is reason enough to visit this coastal town. 

What to do in Newquay

Pirates Quest is definitely worth visiting, as it lets visitors relive those years when pirates ruled the sea.

A tour of Healeys Cyder Farm is a great option as well. It provides an in-depth look at the brewery’s guarded traditions on how it brews cider, plus a chance to view one of the coolest displays of vintage cars anywhere in the world. It also has several attractions, including the Trenance Leisure Gardens, Watergate Bay, and the Japanese Garden for those who are nature fans. The coastal town is also famous in the UK for its nightlife. 

2. Beadnell

top UK coastal towns to explore, A beach in Beadnell
A beach in Beadnell. Image Credit: Facebook.

Where is Beadnell

Beadnell is located in Northumberland on the northernmost coast of England.

Why visit Beadnell

It is near Beadnell Bay, which The Telegraph describes as being romantically remote. The bay is nature at its finest, with a dedicated camping site that’s just a stone’s throw away from the sea. Beaches are aplenty in Beadnell, too, including Ross Back Sands Beach and Bamburgh Beach. 

What to do in Beadnell

A visit to Beadnell Bay is the thing to do here. A swim at or a stroll along the bay is invigorating, and there’s even the option to fish in the bay’s harbor. Other things to do here include visiting the Grace Darling Museum, playing golf at Seahouses Golf Club, and checking out the castle ruins at Dunstanburgh and Bamburgh. 

3. Bournemouth

Bournemouth Beach. Image Credit: Facebook

Where is Bournemouth 

This coastal resort town is located on England’s south coast, just east of the famed Jurassic Coast. It is part of the county of Dorset. 

Why visit Bournemouth 

It is a resort town! It has stunning beaches, a rich culinary scene, and iconic landmarks, like the Bournemouth and Boscombe Piers. Bournemouth’s beaches are very popular and attract holidaymakers from around the UK. 

What to do in Bournemouth

A Culture Trip article on Bournemouth describes the town as an “epicenter of culture and entertainment.” If you are a theater fan, then you should visit the Pavilion Theatre to see some local plays.

If you want to experience the country’s live music scene, then the O2 Academy is one of the top spots outside of London.

If you are more a fan of the outdoors, Bournemouth has plenty to offer aside from its popular seafront entertainment.

A trip to Kings Park is well worth it as it is one of the largest parks in the area. The park is noted for its sporting heritage. It has an athletics track, a cricket ground, and it’s the home to A.F.C. Bournemouth.

A.F.C. Bournemouth plays in the English Premier League, which is considered the world’s most exciting league. If you have the time, this is a good chance to experience some of the country’s top soccer teams play.

A Ladbrokes long-form post on English Premier League stadiums details how Bournemouth’s ground is called Dean Court. It . is located next to the Kings Park Athletics Track. If you’re a sports fan, this is one of the best ways to experience one of the country’s most prominent cultural touchstones. You won’t regret it, trust us.

4. Saltburn-by-the-Sea

Saltburn-by-the-Sea, top UK coastal towns
Saltburn Pier. Image Credit: Wikipedia

Where is Saltburn

The seaside town of Saltburn is in North Yorkshire, which is located in North East of England. 

Why visit Saltburn

Saltburn is a surfer’s paradise, but one with a palpable Victorian-era vibe. And it is the perfect spot for backpackers.

What to do in Saltburn 

Apart from surfing, visiting the age-old The Club in Marske Mill Lane is highly recommended as you can play sports here, notably, a UK favorite called bowls (a very different sport to 10-pin bowling).

If you want delectable pub food in a genuine 16th-century smugglers’ tavern, you are advised to drop by Ship Inn for a classic British gastronomic experience. 

5. Margate

Margate clock tower UK
Margate and its famous clock tower. Image Credit: Wikipedia.

Where is Margate 

Margate is part of Kent, which is a UK top coastal town on England’s southeast coast. 

Why visit Margate

The coastal town of Margate is known for its contemporary art, vibrant nightlife, quirky cafés, and, of course, beautiful beaches. 

What to do in Margate

Margate is known for having its own amusement park, the aptly named Dreamland Margate.

It is a renovated retro theme park, where you can enjoy a scenic railway, take a selfie at the landmark Dreamland sign, and try the colorful Indoor Roller Room.

Also, worth visiting is the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery, where top local artists are on display.

Your Margate visit should include the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery. Here you will find top local artists on display. 

Hope you enjoyed discovering the top 5 coastal towns in the beautiful United Kingdom!

Author: Jenny Brown is a healthy living enthusiast with a deep love for the history and culture that have shaped the UK into what it is today. When she’s not out hiking the most unspoiled British hills and forests she can find, she lives in the pages of her massive collection of history books and 19th-century literature.

Featured Image Credit: Robert Bye, Unsplash

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