Top 10 Holiday Travel Tips from a Flight Attendant!

We all know that the holidays can be one of the BUSIEST times of the year for travel. You have both experienced and nonexperienced travelers venturing the skies in hopes to make it home to family and friends over the holiday season. Here in this article, you will find a flight attendant’s top 10 tips for surviving the holiday travel season!

Because the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year to travel that also means it can be one of the most stressful times of the year for travel as well.

However, there are some travel hacks and tips to make your holiday travel season go a bit smoother, which I am revealing next.

flight attendant top holiday travel tips
When you fly for a living you learn how to handle holiday travel challenges with ease. Photo: Unsplash.

Best Flight Attendant Holiday Travel Tips and Hacks

#1: Get to the airport EARLY

This might seem like a no brainer but it is shocking just how many times people almost miss their flight (or actually do miss their flight) because they didn’t give themselves enough time to get through airport security. Around this time of year, the airport security lines can be astronomically long and gate changes are frequent.

#2: Travel on the holiday itself

This tip might not always be feasible, especially since the reason you are traveling is obviously to spend the holiday with your family and friends. However, ticket prices are often times WAY cheaper on the holiday itself than the days surrounding it.

#3: Fly direct

If you can do it, fly direct! Even if the ticket price is more it is so worth the peace of mind to not have to worry about making a connecting flight. Connecting flights can become an issue for a few reasons: bad weather in ANY of the airports you’ll be at can cause delays. If you do miss your connecting flight due to delays the airline should book you on the next available flight. However, what if the next available flight is oversold or isn’t available until the next calendar day?

#4: Give yourself a refresher on TSA liquid rules 

Often times we can forget what is/is not allowed through TSA! It’s always smart to head over to the website and give yourself a refresher on what you can bring through before you risk having it taken away! 

#5: Plan ahead for airport parking 

Airport parking lots can fill up fast during the holiday season, plan ahead! One way to do this is to pre-pay and reserve your parking spot online (not every airport offers this but quite a few do). The other option is to take public transportation like Uber or Lyft, which might be more cost-efficient than airport parking anyways. 

 #6: Travel early in the day 

Often times airports are less crowded in the morning making them easier to navigate. The earlier your flight is the less chance you have of enduring rolling delays due to weather or mechanical issues

#7: Print/keep everything together

It is SO easy to lose things when you travel. However, if you print all your documents/boarding passes and keep them in one spot with your IDs, passports, and other essentials you will feel much more organized. 

#8: Pack light and ahead of time

It is so important to pack light (so you have room to bring gifts back with you) and also because it is so much easier to bring a carry on than to check a bag. Furthermore, it’s also smart to pack ahead of time so you are not feeling rushed last minute packing the night before or the morning of a trip. 

#9: Leave gifts unwrapped in your suitcase 

I would hate to have wrapped a nice present then have TSA search my bag and unwrap what I’ve already done! You can always wrap your gift at your destination. 

#10: Be kind to airport staff and passengers around you 

You truly never know what those around you are going through, a simple smile or thank you might make someone’s day. Also, keep in mind that airport staff and airline crew are spending time away from their family and friends in order to help you get to yours this holiday season. 

Thank you for reading! Make sure to check out my corresponding YouTube video below!


Video: Top 10 Holiday Travel Tips, by Flight Attendant Julia

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Publisher note: What do you think about the holiday travel tips given by Flight Attendant Julia? She’s an expert on flying and travel. She also ensures your inflight safety during your holiday travel, contributing to a safe holiday season for all. Comments or questions for Julia? You can contact her here.

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