Taking Stunning Tahiti Tourism Pictures

Updated May 7, 2019

Most of the spectacular Tahiti tourism pictures you see on Captain Jetson were provided by Philippe Bacchet. Philippe is a world-famous French Polynesia professional photographer.

His contributions to Tahiti tourism, photography and PR-work over the past decades have simply made him a celebrity in his home of French Polynesia.

But, the very down to earth and modest Gentleman Philippe won’t admit that.

Philippe Bacchet
Philippe Bacchet, Photografer. © Sylvestre Dupré

The beginning

Philippe Bacchet was born on the French Rivera in France. He permanently moved to Tahiti in 1984. 

Prior to becoming a professional photographer Philippe’s background included studies in electronics, and serving in the French Army. He is still a  master electronics technician.

He also performed as a musician in the prestigious orchestras of the French Riviera resort of Antibes!

His talent was quickly discovered after completing his professional apprenticeship in photography. 

Whether in the air, on the ground, or under the water, photographic collaborations with major publications quickly followed.

Philippe, lauretta, and Les (Captain Jetson)
Philippe (left), Lauretta & Les (Captain Jetson) out for dinner during Philippe’s recent short layover in Los Angeles.

Philippe’s contributions to Tahiti’s Marine Environment

Philippe’s passions include nature, environment, travel, and tourism.

Being a strong contributor to preserving the environment and marine biology he combined his passion for scuba diving into research.

His results were released to the public, presented in an amazing picture-book. The title of the book is Guide to Tahiti fish and its islands (Guide des poissons de Tahiti et ses îles).

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His mission was to create an inventory of French Polynesia’s marine species.

In his book Islands and LIghts (Iles et lumières) he takes us on yet another journey to the sights of the Tahiti Islands.

He is also on the staff of Pacific Promotion Tahiti SA.

Bora Bora aerial, Tahiti tourism
Aerial view of beautiful Bora Bora © Philippe Bacchet

The Tahiti pictures presented on Captain Jetson

Philippe Bacchet’s Tahiti that you see here on Captain Jetson are all posted to help you visually experience the real French Polynesia.

Thanks to him you are able to witness a dream-destination up close, with professional photography you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

And please know, his pictures are from his own kindness, to share with you. 

Philippe simply wants everyone to experience his beloved Tahiti Islands, its beauty and its nature, through his professional lens. 

Fatu Hiva - Marquesas Islands, Tahiti tourism
Fatu Hiva – Marquesas Islands. © Philippe Bacchet

Philippe’s photographer celebrity status in Tahiti

Philippe Bacchet’s contributions to Tahiti, tourism and its environment have made him well-known around the world.

He even has a very deserving description among many people in Tahiti, France, and the world: 

He’s best described as the “Unofficial Ambassador to Tahiti”! 

His contributions to French Polynesia are self-explanatory, whether it be from his pictures, books, oceanic studies, or on behalf of Tahiti tourism. 

Tetiaroa Atoll, Tahiti tourism.
Tetiaroa Atoll. © Philippe Bacchet

Not just Tahiti tourism pictures

As an author, Philippe has published several books, representing a wealth of tourist information, as well as scientific information about French Polynesia.

The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” could not describe his books better…

Although the books are written in French they could very well have been published with no text!

His books are clearly designed as picture-books!

Philippe’s French Polynesia books are among the best ones ever published about the marine life on this Paradise on Earth.

Aratika Atoll
Aratika Atoll. © Philippe Bacchet

How to get your own copy of Philippe’s picture-books

Are you planning your Tahiti trip, hoping to go there in the future, or perhaps go to Tahiti regularly?

You can discover more of Tahiti and support Philippe at the same time by getting his books, using the links below!

You can also book him for your professional photographer-needs, in the air, on land, or under the blue Pacific Ocean waters of French Polynesia!

Free excerpt-pages from the books!

Islands of Light

Iles et lumières

Islands of Light

Click HERE for an excerpt (click the “Lire un extrait“-button inside).

If you need further information on how to buy the book, please contact the Publisher HERE.

Guide to Tahiti fish and its islands

Guide des poissons de Tahiti et ses îles

Fish book, Philippe Bacchet

Click HERE for an excerpt (click the “Lire un extrait“-button inside).

If you need further information on how to buy the book, please contact the Publisher HERE.

Philippe Bacchet’s Radio Station Interview

Topic: His book Guide des poissons de Tahiti et ses îles (Guide to Tahiti fish and its islands). 

The YouTube video to the right shows Philippe Bacchet being interviewed on the popular Taui FM radio station in Papeete. Click the picture to watch >>>

This interview is in French

(Cette interview radio est en français)

How do I contact Philippe?

Simply leave him your message HERE, Attn: Philippe Bacchet.

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Banner Photo Credit: © Philippe Bacchet, "Sunset in Tahiti".

Affiliate Disclosure: Purchase of any of books on this page will help supplement the valuable work of Philippe Bachette. CaptainJetson.com is only listing these books as a courtesy gesture to help promote tourism in Tahiti. Captain Jetson has no monetary affiliation with the purchase of any of these books.

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