Spirit Airlines Showing True Spirit with New Innovative Passenger Seats!

Spirit has announced the arrival of their long-awaited new innovative passenger seats. The ongoing discussions of the declining seat quality on airlines have been a huge irritation factor among passengers for years. If Spirit’s promise of improved seat comfort holds true, then perhaps other airlines will follow suit?

The innovation behind Spirit Airlines’ new passenger seats

Spirit airlines seat graphic.
Graphic: Spirit Airlines. Note Spirit’s explanation of seat pitch, a commonly misunderstood term.

Created by UK’s Acro Aircraft Seating the new seats promise improved seat comfort with an additional useable two inches of legroom. The additional legroom is based on industry-standard flatback seats with the same pitch.

Seat enhancements of the new design include thicker ultra-light padding, lumbar support, which is ergonomically engineered, along with almost an inch of pre-recline. Exit rows will have an even bigger pre-recline. Middle seats will come with another inch of width.

The new seats will be softer. Tray tables come full-size. Elegant matte-black colored elevated literature pockets enhance looks. Spirit’s signature comes stitched into each pocket.

New Spirit Seats.
New Spirit seats. Photo: Spirit Airlines.

Spirit’s Big Front Seats

The larger seats in the front cabin of Spirit Airlines are basically a domestic first-class seat. their updated Big Front Seats will have a new ergonomically -improved design with memory foam. The Spirit brand is stitched in yellow and black, adding classic aesthetics to the design.

The design enhancements were derived from passenger feedback and from ideas by manufacturer HAECO Cabin Solutions.

Spirit New Big Front Seats.
Spirit New Big Front Seats. Photo: Spirit Airlines.

Time-frame for installation of the new passenger seats

Installation of the new seats will begin in November. The installation continues through 2020 on all new deliveries by Spirit.

Spirit Airlines flights.
Spirit Airlines flight map. Photo: Spirit Airlines.

Spirit airlines new passenger seats are a part of the Guest experience

Ted Christie, President and Chief Executive Officer of Spirit Airlines had this to say:

“Last year I signed a pledge to look at every facet of our Guest experience and determine where we could improve. This investment in our seats and onboard experience is a direct result of that commitment, and it also allows us to enhance our product value while maintaining our industry-leading cost structure. We have listened to our Guests, and we are responding with these new, more comfortable seats.”

Christie continued, “We also believe it is time for our industry to rethink the concept of seat pitch, a metric many industry experts and aviation media have called antiquated and misleading, given the broad differences in seating measurements that more directly affect passenger comfort. Our research shows that many Guests not only misunderstand the concept of pitch, but strongly believe that comfort derives from usable legroom. Our new seats now offer more usable legroom with their innovative design.”

Featured Image: Spirit Airlines.

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