SAS Scandinavian Airlines Livery History Since 1946

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) unveiled its new livery in Copenhagen, Denmark today. Their new A350-900 airplane, called “Ingegerd Viking”, and an A320 neo represent the first airplanes in their fleet in the new colors. The entire SAS aircraft fleet is scheduled to be painted in the new livery by 2024. Here is the entire SAS livery history, to give you an idea of how the airline has evolved with its liveries over the years.

SAS livery history
SAS’ beautiful new 2019 livery. Photo: SAS.
SAS livery history engine
The new engine livery. Photo: SAS.

SAS livery history back to its inception

This is how Scandinavian Airlines have changed their liveries throughout history, ending with today’s new livery.


The last time SAS changed their livery was in 1998. The new livery at the time unveiled a blue tail, giving the engines a red color, and by redesigning their corporate logo.

The flags of the three Scandinavian countries (from the 1983 livery) were no longer painted across the airplane body. The flags were now displayed next to each other above the cabin windows in the aft section of the airplane. The order of the flags is (left to right) Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

1998 SAS Scandinavian Airlines new livery
Photo: SAS.


The 1983 livery introduced the three flags of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden painted across the body. This was the first change of livery in its history since the 1946 birth of SAS.

sas scandinavian airlines new livery 1983
Photo: SAS.

SAS World Class cabin service

SAS cabin 1960s
This SAS cabin picture was taken in the 1960s, from the “Golden Age Of Flying”, onboard a Caravelle airplane. Photo: Public Domain.

SAS livery history, when it started in 1946

This is what the original SAS livery looked like. SAS was founded in 1946, the year after World War II ended. It had a Viking longship with the head of a dragon along the body of the airplane.

sas scandinavian airlines new livery 1946
Photo: SAS.

Airlines and liveries

The SAS livery history and logos are pretty much in line with most other major airlines. The purpose of periodically changing livery is to provide a distinctive branding of airlines for commercial and corporate reasons.

The combination of national symbols, such as the flags of the three Scandinavian countries representing SAS, creates acceptance and awareness to the fact that SAS represents the Scandinavian Viking-countries as a whole.

SAS Flight Path Museum LAX
SAS memorabilia at the Flight Path Museum at LAX Airport. Photo: CaptainJetson.com.

Featured Image: SAS.

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