SAS losing baggage with hundreds of Christmas presents

The Airline Computer Grinch that stole Christmas

Hundreds of Christmas presents inside checked SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) baggage never got to its destination this week, according to Swedish paper Aftonbladet and the Norwegian newspaper VG. The mislocated baggage affected flights in Norway and Sweden.

SAS apologized for the incident, working the best they could to locate the missing luggage.

One of the affected passengers, Malin Skough

Malin Skough (29) said,

It is very bad. All the Christmas gifts I got my nieces and nephews are gone.

Ms. Skough caught an SAS plane from Gothenburg to Stockholm, Sweden, and then onto Bergen, Norway. Her luggage vanished somewhere during her flight route.

Skough continued, explaining what happened upon her arrival at Bergen Airport,

We were waiting at the baggage conveyor belt, but the baggage never arrived. In addition to myself, there were 10-15 more people affected by this.

SAS referred the affected passengers to its customer service area. According to Skough, she waited in line for a very long time. When she finally received help, she was told to report her baggage missing. SAS said they would send her a text message once her baggage had been located.

At the time of writing Skough has yet to hear back from SAS about her baggage with the missing Christmas presents. SAS, however, said Ms. Skoughs’ baggage should arrive by Sunday.

SAS losing more Christmas presents

Swedish Aftonbladet reports that they have spoken with several other SAS passengers affected by the same problem. SAS has literally lost hundreds of Christmas presents during flights last week.

The airline confirms that more flights have been affected by baggage problems during the last days.

Anna Sandell, SAS Communications Officer said,

Yesterday was the most travel intensive day of the year, at Gardermoen (Oslo) and at Arlanda (Stockholm). We handled a tremedous amount of baggage. We have to make a decision (when baggage is missing). Do we take a departure delay, which would upset the entire route network, or do we decide on an on-time departure and then send the passengers’ baggage later?

Sandell continued, revealing the airline had a computer system fault in Australia, where the airlines’ baggage handling computer system is located. The fault forced SAS to use a backup system. In turn, the backup system caused the problems that happened in Norway and Sweden.

Scandinavian Airline Vintage Promo Film from 1959 (video)

This SAS-video is providing a great piece of airline history, reflecting on the Golden Era of flying as it took place in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, and Denmark). Great shots of passengers, pilots, flight attendants, and other airline employees alike! Video: YouTube.

Do you have any interesting experiences to share from your holiday flights? If so, please let us know.

Featured Image: Unsplash.

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