SAS Cabin Smoke Emergency Landing, Airline’s 2nd in Two Months

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) made another emergency landing today after smoke filled the airplane cabin. The Bombardier CRJ-900 airplane was en route from Copenhagen, Denmark to Warsaw, Poland.

The plane diverted to Sturup Airport outside Malmo, Sweden.


The SAS Bombardier CRJ900 fleet is operated by CityJet. Scandinavian Airlines has a wet-lease agreement with CityJet. Although the airplanes are painted in the SAS livery, the crews (pilots and flight attendants) are employees of the CityJet company.

SAS cabin smoke emergency landing.
This FlightRadar screenshot shows how the SAS Bombardier CRJ-900 airplane diverted to Sturup Airport, Malmo, Sweden after encountering cabin smoke after departure.

Passenger Eirik Magelssen’s account of the incident

According to the Norwegian newspaper VG (Verdens Gang or “World Times”), passenger Eirik Magelssen said: “Something strange was happening as I noticed a worried look on the face of the flight attendants”.

He said that he noticed the plane starting a descent after about 20 minutes of flying. No crew announcement was ever made until the captain suddenly said they were cleared to land.

Magelssen immediately noticed they were not returning to Copenhagen during the approach. He said he did not smell the smoke in the cabin. However, he smelled the smoke outside the cockpit door.

SAS spokesperson Camilla Runberg

The airplane was airborne for 25 minutes when they (SAS) received communication about smoke developing in the cabin. This according to Camilla Runberg, a spokesperson for SAS.

She continued by saying all the passengers had left the airplane. SAS was taking care of the passengers. There was no information about smoke damage from the incident.

The passengers were provided with ground transportation from Malmo to Copenhagen and a hotel room in Copenhagen before continuing their flight the next day.

There were 63 people on board, 59 passengers and four crew members. Runberg said the passengers donned their oxygen masks as a precautionary measure. After landing at Sturup Airport in Malmo, Sweden, several ambulances and fire trucks drove up to the airplane.

SAS cabin smoke emergency landing, the previous incident, June 20, 2019

Emergency evacuation of the A319 during the first cabin smoke return incident two months ago. Photo Credit: TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

This is the second time a SAS airplane has made an emergency landing after experiencing smoke in the cabin in a two-month time frame.

The first incident happened on June 20th on an Airbus 319-100. That Copenhagen-bound SAS flight made an emergency landing in Gdansk, Poland. The cabin smoke occurred right after takeoff.

The pilot stopped the climb at 4,000 feet to return for landing. An uneventful touchdown followed on runway 29. The plane was safely back on the ground only 9 minutes after takeoff. 88 passengers and 5 crew members were on board that flight.

The incident caused no injuries. That according to Knut Morten Johansen, the SAS spokesman. The captain ordered an emergency evacuation. Emergency services at the scene reported no trace of fire or heat.

Featured Image: Twitter

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