Santa Rosa Airport (STS): San Francisco Area Airports

No-Hassle Transit Hub in San Francisco’s North Bay

Santa Rosa Airport is not on most folk’s radar, but it’s an ideal airport for those living or doing business in San Francisco’s North Bay.

One hour from Golden Gate Bridge, STS is small, uncrowded, convenient, accessible, and has a new ground transportation hub for local and regional trains and busses.

Home to Peanuts characters, Flying Ace Snoopy and World Traveler Lucy, in 2002, STS began working to attract airlines.

Santa Rosa Airport flights

In 2007, Horizon Air began nonstop scheduled service to Los Angeles and Seattle. The schedule board has been filling since, adding Alaska (wine flies free with Alaska), American, United, and Sun Country offering nonstop service to eleven destinations.

The flight from San Francisco (SFO) to Santa Rosa Airport (STS) only takes 14 minutes on a commercial jet. The route is also the shortest flight route in the U.S. system for United Express! YouTube.

Why Santa Rosa Airport?

For North Bay residents, business travelers, or visitors, Santa Rosa Airport will save time and money traveling to and from other major airports in the region.

Take a look at the Santa Rosa Airport Cost Comparison Tool, where you can figure the ground transportation costs from your address to San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento airports.

santa rosa airport snoopy
Flying Ace Snoopy, Santa Rosa Airport Terminal. Photo: Mary Charlebois.

Santa Rosa Airport’s new nonstops

Alaska, American, and United have added additional flights to existing schedules for Orange County (SNA), San Diego (SAN), Denver (DEN), and Phoenix (PHX).

Alaska is adding evening flights to SAN and SNA starting March 19th. They are augmenting the existing 9:50 AM departure with a 5:20 PM departure. SAN will have an 8:05 PM departure added to the morning 11:45 AM flight.

American has added a second departure to Phoenix Sky Harbor. Trips now depart at 12:46 and 7:26 PM daily. Summer flights to Los Angeles and Dallas open April 7th. DFW flights depart at 11:43 AM and LAX at 3:57.

Santa Rosa Airport Direct Destinations

Denver – Dallas – Minneapolis – Los Angeles – Orange County – Phoenix – Portland – San Diego – San Francisco – Seattle – Las Vegas

Santa Rosa Airport Amenities

Airline Perks

  • Earn Alaska Airline miles when you park and dine at STS.
  • Sonoma wine flies free on Alaska Airlines.


  • Costeaux On the Go – Serving French bakery goods, boxed lunches, coffee, and more for grab and go.
  • Sky Lounge Steakhouse & Sushi Bar – Indoor, outdoor, table or bar seating. Organic, local, full bar, and happy hour. Locals love it as do passengers. There’s a great view of takeoff and landing jets.
santa rosa airport tower and sky longe
Sky Lounge Steakhouse & Sushi Bar is located next to the STS control tower. Photo: Mary Charlebois.


  • Ground transportation – Car rentals, rideshare, taxies, shuttles, SMART Train, local public transportation.
  • $11 a day no shuttle needed parking.
  • EV Charging Stations.
  • Aira Access for blind or low vision guests to check flight status, find gates and luggage, use self-service kiosks, navigate through TSA.
  • Pet relief area.
  • WiFi.

Getting there

Santa Rosa is in Santa Rosa California, on Airport Boulevard, about one mile from HWY 101. Take SMART Train or local buses to the airport.

Whether you’re coming in or going out, STS is one of the least congested air terminals you’ll experience. Lines at ticket counters and baggage check-in are short. Security is a breeze. Car rentals and ground transportation are steps from the terminal; no shuttles required.

No doubt, I’m a big fan of Santa Rosa Airport. It’s the closest one to my home and the easiest to navigate. Learn more about Santa Rosa Airport HERE.

Featured Image: STS Airport, Mary Charlebois.

The full official name of Santa Rosa Airport is Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport, but referred to simply as “Santa Rosa Airport” by most. If you have any comments or questions please contact the author here.

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