Ryanair Airline Passenger Reviews -Why is it Britain’s most hated airline?

Despite being one of Europe’s biggest airlines flying to over 25 countries and 180 destinations, Ryanair is one of Great Britain’s most hated fliers.

Just look at the common negative trend of comments in Ryanair airline passenger reviews!

If you want a no-frills travel experience in which you are a herded onto a passenger plane with little leg room and pricey soft drinks, then you cannot go wrong with Ryanair.

If you would prefer not to pay for your seat as well as luggage on top of your initial airfare, then it is best you look elsewhere.

Ryanair is hated by most of the people that fly it, but it must be doing something right to keep people coming back again and again. Founded in 1984 by Michael O’Leary, Ryanair revolutionized budget air travel thanks to stripping everything from the typical flight experience.

The only thing Ryanair kept was the plane, pilots, and seats. Everything else had to go. Passengers are charged for food and drinks along with the seat they are allocated. If you want to check a bag, then you will be charged for that. Moreover, the overhead storage compartment is off limits, so don’t expect to bring that small, wheelie suitcase with you.

Ryanair passenger comfort

There is no doubt comfort is of little importance to Ryanair. The leg room is minimal and seats can be a tight fit. If you have to get up to go to the bathroom or you are overweight, then expect to contort your body to move into the aisle.

In recent years, the airline has removed toilets on their aircraft to maximize the number of seats on offer. While it is nice for travelers setting off to Ibiza, Barcelona, or Corfu, it is not a great thing for those who need to use the toilet often; especially small children.

Luggage and extra costs

Extra costs are a fact of life when it comes to Ryanair. The Dublin-based airline forces passengers to pay extra for just about everything.

Your flight from London to Latvia may be low-priced, but that is before you add on an extra seat charge and luggage fee if you want to check a bag.

Ryanair’s policy is to let you take one small backpack as a carry on for free. This isn’t so bad if you are going on a weekend city break. It is troublesome if you have children or plan a longer vacation.

When Ryanair was first launched, the company offered passengers the usual food, drink, and other amenities more expensive airlines do. Giving passengers what they wanted to send Ryanair into the red. Ironically, giving passengers everything, they don’t want at bare bones prices has made Ryanair a billion-dollar company.

Customers can expect to pay for food and drink at near airport prices. Although American airline companies are quite frugal in what they give customers for free (a soft drink and pretzels) Ryanair is even more so. As the food and drink trolley goes down the aisle, don’t expect to pay anything less than $4 to $5 for an item.

Ryanair airline passenger reviews

Customer experience

To be perfectly honest, the customer experience can differ from person to person, flight to flight. According to a Guardian article from 2019, one woman was angered by a £300 ($375) charge to print her a new boarding pass after she had lost her original.

Hmmm, wonder if she put in her airline passenger review afterward?

Customers regularly complain about the poor service and grumpy people that Ryanair employs. In context, Ryanair customers may be a little more understanding of the company’s employees as for years these individuals were put under constant quotas. Many employees were not given overtime and were barred from unionizing.

Ryanair airline passenger reviews – overall opinions


According to Refund My Ticket, in 2018, Ryanair had a 0.30% cancelation rate. For flights with a two-or-more-hour delay, the company scored a 2.39% score.

Ground crew

Ryanair staff has long come under criticism for their inability to help passengers or rudeness. The airline demanded quick turnarounds between flights and attendants were only paid for their time in the air. Still, many staff members have been slammed for their unprofessionalism.

Lost luggage

Numerous customers have claimed Ryanair did not keep them informed about their missing or lost luggage. Although in many cases the luggage arrived a day later, the airline’s staff was unhelpful when customers inquired about their missing bags.

Customer service

It has been a constant that customers have had poor relationships with Ryanair’s customer service. Passengers have complained at length about the company’s staff being unprofessional. Customers are also regularly upset about Ryanair staff being short on information prior to flights or during delays.

Should you fly Ryanair?

If you want a no-frills, cheap flight to a destination in Europe, by all means, book with Ryanair. Just be sure you understand what you are getting into before boarding the plane. In a way, Ryanair is no different than many of the internal flights run by American airline companies. The big difference, however, is the lack of every conceivable amenity available.

Review: Ryanair
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