Royal Air Maroc Joining Oneworld Alliance on April 1

Royal Air Maroc has met all Oneworld alliance membership-requirements ahead of schedule. The airline will join the Oneworld alliance effective April 1, 2020.

The alliance approved Air Maroc as a candidate in 2008. According to a French report from Air Journal, Oneworld has confirmed its audit of the airline for an earlier entry into the alliance.

This video produced by Oneworld welcomes Royal Air Maroc on board. Oneworld.

Finally, Oneworld expands to Africa with the joining of Royal Air Maroc

Oneworld had a network blackhole in the Middle East & Africa. The entrance of Royal Air Maroc patches several critical routes.

Technically, Royal Air Maroc doesn’t get the first Middle Eastern Airline title in the Oneworld alliance as Royal Jordanian has that title.

However, Royal Jordanian’s destination coverage within the Middle East is limited. I believe the addition of Royal Air Maroc places the alliance in a competitive footing.

Royal Air Maroc adds credibility to Oneworld

air maroc joining oneworld
Royal Air Maroc, Oneworld. Picture: Oneworld.

Royal Air Maroc is giving some serious thought to the competition. Airlines from the region are plagued with scandals of safety and maintenance issues.

Examples of this are the Star Alliance members Egyptair and Ethiopian.

Air Maroc: One of the few airlines producing a profit

Royal Air Maroc is an exception in the region’s airline revenue management. The airline is one of few that is stable and brings a profit. It isn’t in bankruptcy and it has support from the government of Morrocco.

Why do American Airlines Fly to Casablanca?

American will fly there since it has problems connecting with Africa. With the combination of Royal Air Maroc and Royal Jordanian, it would have better connectivity & coverage to and from the United States.

Apart from that, financially, Casablanca has a better ranking than Johannesburg, according to Reuters.

You can find more information in the American Airlines article here. American joins Oneworld members Iberia & British Airways. Also, Qatar Airways flies to Casablanca.

My opinion about Oneworld

Oneworld is the smaller of the three airline alliances.

Unfortunately, the departure of LATAM out of the alliance leaves another destination hole. Oneworld needs to expand elsewhere until they get a strategic session on how to expand in South America.

What do you think about Royal Air Maroc’s entry into the Oneworld alliance? You submit your comments or questions for Alex Martinez Rivera here.

Featured Image: Royal Air Maroc.

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What is Royal Air Maroc?

Royal Air Maroc is the national carrier of Morocco. It is also the largest airline in the country. The airline operates out of its hub in Casablanca, Morocco, out of Mohammed V International Airport (CMN). Royal Air Maroc was founded in 1957.

What is the Oneworld alliance?

Oneworld is an alliance of airlines, started on February 1, 1999. Its central alliance office is located in New York. Oneworld’s objective is to frequent international travelers’ first airline alliance choice.

What are the major airline alliances?

There are three major airline alliances:

1. Star Alliance, which is the largest alliance.
2. SkyTeam is the world’s second largest alliance.
3. Oneworld is the world’s third largest alliance.

What airlines belong to the Oneworld airline alliance?

The following airlines belong to the Oneworld airline alliance:

American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LATAM Airlines (leaving October 1, 2020), Malaysia Airlines, Quantas, Quatar Airways, Royal Air Maroc (from April 1, 2020), Royal Jordanian, S7 Airlines, and Sri Lankan Airlines.

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