Review: Flying Air Tahiti Nui

Tahiti - A sense Of Rhythm And Beauty

Papeete awaits as we step aboard Air Tahiti Nui’s Boeing 787-9 Tahitian Dreamliner at LAX on an eight-hour flight from Los Angeles to the seductive and lush Polynesian islands and the magical spell of legendary splendor, sandy coves with tales to tell, fragrant multi-hued flowers, uninhibited dancing, and where life slows with a French Flair.

Live a Unique experience on Air Tahiti Nui! Video: YouTube/Air Tahiti Nui.

What it is like Flying on Air Tahiti Nui

air tahiti nui crew, flying air tahiti nui review
Air Tahiti Nui Captain with his flight attendants. The Tiare flower (Tahitian gardenia) on the tail is the national Flower of French Polynesia.

Air Tahiti Nui, proud and award-winning, deserves a gold star for creating a keen sense of place, and a special honor within the world of flight for extending the love of the Society Islands to guests.

The incredible destinations are tucked away in the South Pacific about halfway between California and Australia, and some 2,485 miles southwest of Hawaii.

Flying Air Tahiti Nui review
Air Tahiti Nui flies you to the French Polynesian Paradise on their fleet of brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

Boarding Air Tahiti Nui

Passengers are greeted with the warming ambiance of French Polynesia as flight attendants dressed in colorful and soothing island colors present guests with a white-petal sweet-smelling Tiare and a robust smile.

flying air tahiti nui, flight attendants
Air Tahiti Nui flight attendants.

Flying Air Tahiti Nui, cabin classes

When you fly Air Tahiti Nui you have a choice of three cabin classes: Moana Economy Class, Moana Premium Economy Class, and Poerava Business Class.

The cabin crew of Air Tahiti Nui, French Polynesian culture

The cabin crew cleverly replaces the mood from the airport havoc to a holiday. While in the air the staff changes to more casual Tahitian attire.

Air Tahiti Nui Tiare welcome
Tahitian Flight Attendant Tiare Welcome. Tahitians believe that the “mana” spiritual energy and healing power is everywhere, also on board Air Tahiti Nui. Flight attendants display that mana in the form of passionate and caring passenger service with a smile. Mana is a lifeforce and spirit that surrounds us internally as well as externally.

Tahiti-bound passengers

Some passengers celebrating in advance of the flight and fervently feeling the pull of the islands are casually dressed in sandals, floppy straw hats, and colorful resort wear that Gauguin would love.

Bora Bora bungalows. Photo: Photo: Halina Kubalski.

The South Pacific ambiance of Air Tahiti Nui

The Air Tahiti Nui staff fully comprehend hospitality their heritage originating from some of the most gorgeous islands on the planet, and a South Pacific lifestyle where neighbors and friends count along with smiles and a sense of humor.

Papeete street scene with Polynesians
Papeete street scene with French Polynesians playing the string instruments. Photo: Halina Kubalski.

The Tahitian touch

All this a huge bonus for travelers who find flying these days a chore with over bookings, misplaced and lost luggage, poor service, cramped seating, and where togetherness on flights have ended in growling tussles.

Flying the airline numerous times I’ve found the traditional Polynesian in-flight cuisine fresh and creative with galley snacks and drinks available throughout the flight, while business class is a full trolley meal served with a selection of entrees.

The feeling of being in Tahiti the moment you step on board Air Tahiti Nui
The Tahitian Dreamliner, you feel like you are in Tahiti the moment you board.

Nickolas Panza, Vice President, Americas, Air Tahiti Nui said,

“We’ve been in business since 1996 and long have realized that hospitality and service is a top priority. French Polynesian’s are blessed with the softer side of life and we work hard to carry that forward. We’re pleased with our Tahitian Dreamliners that offer a splendid level of comfort. In addition to French Polynesia we serve Paris, New Zealand, Australia, Beijing, New York, and with code share and partnerships 39 destinations.”

Tahiti helicopter sightseeing

When you are in Tahiti, you may consider a Tahiti Nui Helicopter sightseeing ride. Video: Air Tahiti Helicopters (ATH).

French Polynesians

The islanders say,

“If you see a Polynesian rushing there is something wrong with him.”

Relaxed people in Moorea Tahiti
Islanders taking it easy in Moorea, Tahiti. Photo: Photo: Halina Kubalski.

Tahiti – A Sense Of Rhythm And Beauty

“When the French arrived we were naked, now we go to the beach wearing clothes and the French are naked.”

Tahiti – Polynesian Grandeur
tahitian island
Mount Otemanu, Bora Bora. Photo: Halina Kubalski.
Bora Bora, Tahiti
Bora Bora, Tahiti. Photo: Photo: Halina Kubalski.

Have you experienced flying Air Tahiti Nui? If so, what type of passenger review would you give them? Most passengers feel that Air Tahiti Nui delivers on its promise of making you feel as if you are already in Tahiti the moment you step onboard. Do you agree? You can send your comments and questions here.

Airline photos: Featured Image and all Air Tahiti Nui pictures: Air Tahiti Nui. Tahiti photos by professional photographer Halina Kubalski.

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What is Air Tahiti Nui?

flying air tahiti nui, flight attendants

Air Tahiti Nui is a French airline and the major airline of Tahiti in French Polynesia. It utilizes Boeing 787 Dreamliners to operate long-haul flights between its base at Faa’a International Airport in Papeete, Tahiti. The airline’s uniqueness is that it wants passengers to “feel as if one is in Tahiti” the moment the passenger steps aboard its airplanes. The interior of the aircaft is tastefully designed with a French Polynesian ambiance. The airline is known for its outstanding South Pacific warm hospitality and service with a smile.

What does Air Tahiti Nui mean?

Air Tahiti Nui flying

The word NUI after Air Tahiti means great in Tahitian Polynesian. So, directly translated the name means Air Tahiti Great. Each airplane in the Air Tahiti Nui’s fleet also have individual names, such as TOA meaning warrior, MUA meaning going forward, and VAA meaning canoe. The tatoos that we see painted on the rear portion of the airplane livery are a collection of tattoos representing a visual story about Tahiti and its great people.

What is the Airline Code for Air Tahiti Nui?

Exterior, Air Tahiti Nui

The airline code for Air Tahiti Nui is THT (the ICAO-code) and TN (the IATA-code).

What is the Airport Code for Air Tahiti Nui’s hub Papeete Airport in Tahiti?

Tahiti Island, Society Archipelago, FAAA Airport Papeete

The airport code for Papeete Airport in Tahiti is FAA’A. The airport is the hub for Air Tahiti Nui, from where it originates all its long-haul routes on its Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Photo: The island of Tahiti, by renowned French Polynesia photographer © Philippe Bacchet.

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