New Air Force One Colors proposed by President Trump

Current rolling blue scheme could dissappear

If it goes the President’s way, Jackie Kennedy’s recognizable Air Force One colors of rolling blue paint could go away giving way for Donald Trump’s red, white, blue and a fade touch of gold.

For those out of the loop, who might get a health issue of a negative reaction, the color-decision isn’t final (at least not yet).

As part of the next generation aircraft for the President of the United States, Boeing is designing and building the next couple of 747s at this time.

The first model dropped last week when Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the White House.

Air Force One colors of a bygone era

New Air Force One colors
The first model of the new Air Force One colors unveiled during Prime Minister Trudeau’s White House visit. Image Source: YouTube.

In an interview with CBS News, the President was asked if the same baby blue airplane colors would be used. The President’s answer was no.

The hue blue colors palette that has become an iconic structure projecting American power wherever it goes which the former First Lady Jackie Kennedy designed 55 years ago would go away.

The color replacement will consist of white, red and a gold stripe across the plane with a darker blue in the airplane belly and its engines.

While acknowledging the iconic nature of the current paint design, Trump views the scheme as dated, muted, and not patriotic enough.

Many people in social media have noticed the similarity between the new paint design idea and Trump’s personal Boeing 757. During the presidential campaign, the airplane was affectionally named “Trump Force One.”

The Air Force One Color-Designer in Chief

Presidents have put their stamp of approval one way or another in determining the next generation of planes. Trump, however, has even chosen the paint scheme!

Fascinated by airplanes Trump has been described as a sort of an aviation expert. He was fond of his personal plane, which he wanted to continue to use as the President. But the Secret Service told him it was not a realistic option.

Returning to Air Force One, Boeing had livery experts help the White House Military Office. Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek confirmed that livery options for red, white, and blue were being considered for the new paint scheme.

To utilize the new plane, Trump would need to get Congress’ approval and also win the re-election.

Trump Force One Colors

Trump Force One B757
Donald Trump’s private Boeing 757, nicknamed “Trump Force One”. Photo Credit: Beautiful Airplanes.

Is there much difference between the newly proposed Air force One color scheme and his privately owned 757?

Trump Force One versus Air Force One bedrooms

Trump Force One bedroom
Trump’s bed in his private “Trump Force One” B757, featuring a double bed. Credit: Beam.

Air Force One

The President’s plane only features two sofas which pull out to make two narrow beds (below).

Air Force One bedroom
Air Force One Bedroom sofabeds. Photo Credit: U.S.A.F.

The current plane’s bed is enough for Trump’s 6’4’, broad-shouldered frame. But it would become a designer victory for President Trump (as well as future presidents) who will have an actual bed for their use.

A sofa-bed might be comfortable to sleep in, but after a while, one might dread it. This especially during long haul trips.

Trouble on the Horizon?

While the current President might like the proposed Air paint colors representing the colors of the American flag, there is the issue of whether Congress would approve the idea.

The House Armed Services Committee recently voted along party lines to add a paint scheme provision to the annual defense policy bill. The current President still needs to sign the provision for Congress to oversee paint changes.

Estimates given by the Daily Mail says the paint scheme should be ready by the next inaugural (January 2021). So for this President enjoy his new aircraft, he first needs to win the re-election.

Visual Stealth

Then there is the issue of “visual stealth”.

Alex Major is the co-head of the McCarter & English government contracts practice and a retired Air Force intelligence officer. He says that displaying a darker belly would not be “visually benign”. That could make it easier to detect Air Force One in the sky.

It is far easier to hide the current “baby blue” airplane belly in the sky than it is for the visible dark blue color the President is suggesting.

History of the Current Color Scheme

According to Boeing historians, former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy picked the new colors for the plane used by her husband, President John F. Kennedy. A swath of baby blue covers the nose and sweeps back along each side of the fuselage.

Who would have thought that FLOTUS Jackie had the vision? Baby blue under the fuselage? Go Jackie Go!

The Declaration of Independence served as the inspiration for the font-lettering.

The livery was the work of French-born industrial designer Raymond Loewy, whose previous clients included Lucky Strike cigarettes and Studebaker cars.

He wrote that President Kennedy picked the blue paint scheme over a red one. Some accounts said he rejected the Air Force’s red and gold theme because it looked too imperial.

What’s your opinion? Does the new color scheme look imperial or patriotic? How about the hue blue? Do you feel that it is dated? Or is it still iconic for its time?

I’m on the fence on this one. I can see the arguments for both sides.

If it wasn’t for the “visual stealth” issue brought up by Alex Major I would go for the new paint scheme. While it is iconic everywhere it goes, I won’t say it is dated, but the world changes.

I believe airlines typically change their paint scheme in fractions of 50 years. Therefore, there are many arguments for which the “Queen” of the President deserves to get a new paint scheme.

See the exclusive ABC News Interview about the new airplane paint scheme

Here is the exclusive Presidential interview with ABC News, where we learn more about Trump’s vision for the appearance of the President’s Boeing 747.

Comments or questions? You can contact me here.

Featured Image Credit: U.S.A.F.

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