Norwegian to resume transatlantic flights between Europe and the US

Norwegian Air Shuttle was initially hoping to resume its Boeing 787 Dreamliner transatlantic flights between Europe and the U.S. in December of 2020.

With the coronavirus pandemic appearing to enter a devastating new phase in Europe the routes have been rescheduled to resume in March of 2021.

Hopefully we will all be able to enjoy the Norwegian B787 Dreamliner across the Atlantic again in 2021. Norwegian/YouTube.

Of course, the progress of Norwegian Air’s complex survival plan must first be successful. The Norwegian leadership is constantly monitoring and altering its moves, to best ensure its continued existence and eventual growth. In addition, heavy dependence on the coronavirus situation comes into play before the U.S. routes can resume.

With an effective vaccine expected soon and perhaps with the new outbreak behind us by the second quarter of 2021 Norwegian just may be able to pull off the resuming of the transatlantic flights by then. Of course, passenger bookings need to justify the flights and Norwegian first has to survive the winter.

When is Norwegian Air resuming transatlantic flights?

Providing everything goes as planned the U.S. flights will resume out of London Gatwick (LGW) on March 28, 2021. In order to make this a success, there must be no coronavirus-restrictions in place, prohibiting travel between the United Kingdom and the United States at the time.

Norwegian updated flight schedule between the UK and the US

At this time, Norwegian transatlantic flights can be booked between March 28 thru the end of July 2021.

Norwegian Fights resuming between London Gatwick (LGW) and US destinations

  • San Francisco (SFO): Starting March 28, 2021, 4 times a week.
  • Los Angeles (LAX): Starting March 28, 2021, 5 times a week.
  • New York (JFK): Starting March 28, 2021, 1 daily.
  • Orlando (ORL): Starting March 28, 2021, 4 times a week.
  • Boston (BOS): Starting March 28, 2021, 4 times a week (5 times a week from May 5, 2021).
  • Miami (MIA): Starting March 29, 2021, 3 times a week.
  • Denver (DEN): Starting March 29, 2021, 3 times a week (4 times a week from May 24, 2021).

If you book your ticket now

The above routes are bookable on the Norwegian reservations site now. However, be aware that your reservation could be canceled, depending on the situation of Norwegian Air Shuttle as well as the coronavirus pandemic at the time of your scheduled flight.

Would you book your transatlantic flight with Norwegian now? Do you think Norwegian will resume the transatlantic flights between Europe and the U.S. as planned, starting on March 28, 2021? Please let us know what you think.

Featured Image: Norwegian/David Peacock.

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