Norwegian Air Rewards: Best Cash Loyalty Program with Cheapest Flights

No frequent flyer mileage credit card is needed!

The Norwegian Air Rewards loyalty program is a clear airline-leader when it comes to providing the winning combination of airlines providing cheapest flights and best flyer rewards.

Norwegian Air Rewards is a unique program that most passengers have come to love.

And it only takes you one roundtrip between the US and Europe to see the great impact of the bang for your bucks in Norwegian’s rewards program.

Whether you are an occasional or frequent flyer on the airline, there is simply no other airline coming remotely close to Norway-based Norwegian Airlines’ excellent airline passenger cash rewards incentives.

In my opinion, Norwegian has the best cash rewards program in the airline business, called “CashPoints”.

Norwegian’s Air Rewards Loyalty Program: CashPoints

Norwegian Air Rewards Best Loyalty Program
Great Premium Class seats. Credit: Norwegian Airlines

When you book a flight with Norwegian or when you purchase something from their Reward partners, you earn CashPoints.

CashPoints function just like cash!

Norwegian’s CashPoints rewards come with no blackout dates, no minimum amount of points to spend, and without the flight restrictions typical of other airlines.

  • You can use your CashPoints earned to reduce the ticket price of your next flight booking.
  • CashPoints can be used to get additional benefits after only six flights. See below for a breakdown of details.
  • You can also use cash points on ancillary products, such as luggage, seating, Fast Track, meals, and upgrades. In summary, you can use CashPoints on everything that you buy on

Most airline loyalty programs are geared towards rewarding you different mile-level awards. At Norwegian, you are rewarded by CashPoints for every leg, or segment you fly with them, with your cash rewards available for you after each flight.

The added CashPoint benefits after every 6 flights

The “after 6 flights added benefits” is primarily designed for economy cabin class “LowFare” Norwegian flyers.

You are awarded a new reward of your choice for every six Norwegian flights you take. That includes connecting flights.

The Rewards

Norwegian Air Reward
From the Norwegian Airlines website.

Norwegian chooses your first 2% CashPoint boost category reward, which you are free to change to a different reward that you’d rather have.

  • 2% boost (cash injection) on all LowFare ticket categories.
  • Fast-track on all flights free.
  • Seat reservations free.
  • Baggage free.

The reward you choose will be good for 12 months from the date you earned the points. You can use the reward on as many flights as you wish within that time frame.

Read up on Norwegian’s Reward-rules frequently since the program is subject to changes.

Please be aware in order to take advantage of the free seat reservations or free baggage rewards you have to book your flights on the Norwegian website. Furthermore, you have to sign into your Norwegian Reward account.

The monetary value of one Norwegian Cash Point Earned

1 CashPoint is worth 1 NKR (Norwegian Krone).

Depending on the currency exchange rate at any given time, 1 NKR converts to $0.12 (US Dollar) or £0.09 (British Pound), or € 0.10 (Euro).

In order to collect CashPoints and get your points and rewards, you first have to register as a free CashPoint Rewards member.

Norwegian CashPoints
Sample of CashPoints, as shown in a Norwegian reward account.

Show me the cash!

Usually, airlines push credit card affiliate rewards as their main incentive to award and redeem mileage from flights.

You don’t need a frequent flyer mileage credit card to get rewards credit on Norwegian. And, you don’t need to build a certain mileage level before you can use your rewards. With Norwegian, every mile you fly is as good as immediate cash available for your use.

The airline with the cheapest flights and best flyer rewards combination

A Norwegian B787 at Oslo (OSL) Airport. Credit: Norwegian Airlines.

How are the cheapest flights and best flyer rewards combo a win-win for you?

At non-budget airlines, you already paid a high price for flight tickets. Then you do get your rewards in the form of free flights and other rewards in the long run.

The regular cost of your flight ticket is already at a deeply reduced price when you book Norwegian.

Then you subtract the cash value you get back off that already low fare Norwegian ticket, and the result is likely the cheapest flight you ever bought!

Norwegian gives you the best value for your money all the way.

norwegian air loyalty rewards
Norwegian’s website is easy to navigate, set up in an easy to follow format. Credit: Norwegian Airlines.

Norwegian Air Rewards FAQ

Is a Norwegian Reward membership free?

Yes, it is! Norwegian Air Rewards is a free frequent flyer program, free to sign up and free to use. You can sign up here.

When was the launching of the CashPoints program?

The Norwegian Reward CashPoints program has been in effect since 2007.

How long are the CashPoints valid?

The validity of your Norwegian CashPoints remain until the end of the year you made your purchase and then two more years after that.

Is Norwegian Airlines members of an airline Alliance?

Norwegian does not have any airline partners, but they do belong to the Airlines For Europe (A4E) alliance, collaborating with other airlines. The A4E alliance includes Air France-KLM, EasyJet, Ryanair, Lufthansa Group, and others. Their decision to join Airlines For Europe dates back to 2016.

Can I use CashPoints to fly with a Norwegian Alliance Partner?

No, you cannot use your CashPoints on any Norwegian alliance airline. Norwegian Airlines is the only airline you can use your CashPoints on.

Does Norwegian Airlines offer Elite Status?

No, Norwegian does not have an elite status program. The focus of Norwegian is on low budget air travel. The CashPoints program offers its own perks.

Norwegian Family Reward Account

If you are traveling with a spouse, child, family, or friends consider merging your different reward accounts into one for collective cash rewards power.

Norwegian Airlines Rewards Family Account
The Norwegian website makes it easy to change your rewards account into a family account. Credit: Norwegian Airlines.

Comments or questions on the Norwegian Air Loyalty Rewards Program?

Do you have any comments or questions from this article? What’s your experience with the Norwegian Air’s reward program? Are you a long-haul flyer? Feel free to contact me here.

Featured Image Credit: Norwegian Airlines

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