Norwegian Air restarting 76 routes in July – ticket sales could break even!

Norwegian Air is positioned for a strong comeback starting July 1, restarting 76 routes to European destinations. The July routes will be operated as domestic routes in Norway and Europe only. Only Boeing 787-800s will be flying, while the Boeing 787s will remain parked. Restarting flights to the U.S., however, are not yet in the works. The airline’s current plans to go from survival to profit appears to be on track for a good start.

According to a press release, the airline states that the announcement comes as a result of strong demand from customers. Several other airlines are also restarting Europe flights for the summer.

The Norwegian way of flying is popular among many passengers. YouTube/Norwegian.

Norwegian Air ticket sales could break even

With summer, being the busiest travel season of the year, the airline is able to charge relatively high prices for its tickets.

It’s too early to see if the routes will be profitable, but the airline is expecting a badly needed income generation from the sales of tickets. If Norwegian can fill up its airplanes, at least to a typical break-even point of 70 to 80 percent, it is expected that the airline will achieve break-even on expenses versus income in July.

Norwegian Air’s monthly operating expenses

The new, leaner Norwegian’s current monthly operating expenses run around 300 to 500 million NKR (approximately 31.5 to 52.5 million USD, based on today’s exchange rate).

Destinations typically carrying a high demand

It appears that Norwegian is playing things safe, opting for restarting routes with traditionally high demand during the summer months.

Flights to be resumed include destinations such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Manchester, Warsaw, Reykjavik, Vienna, Berlin, Budapest, and Gdansk.

Destinations include many highly popular summer vacation destinations, in particular for sun-hungry Norwegians, such as Spain’s Barcelona, Mallorca, the Canary Islands, Alicante, and Malaga.

Other destinations being restarted include Nice (France), Crete (Greece), Croatia, and Turkey.

Norwegian Air’s website

You can find Norwegian Air’s current (European only) destinations for July and August for sale here. This webpage is currently not available on Norwegian’s U.S. reservations site.

However, if you need to order flights for Norwegian’s European summer destinations you can order your tickets through the airline’s Norwegian language site, primarily designed for Norwegian customers and speakers.

Norwegian Air coronavirus precaution policy

  • Passengers older than six years of age must wear facemasks.
  • No flight attendant food or drink service on board.
  • Passengers are required to social distance during boarding and deplaning.
  • Passengers will be distanced as much as possible in the cabin.
  • Middle seats are the last seats to be assigned to passengers.

Pilot and flight attendant recalls

Norwegian plans on flying about 20 airplanes in July. That means a total of about 300 plus pilots and 600 flight attendants will be needed to operate the flights.

The airline has only retained about 100 pilots and 200 flight attendants since furloughing or laying off about 90% of its employees systemwide.

Norwegian has only kept eight airplanes flying, strictly on domestic routes in Norway, since the coronavirus crisis hit. The additional 12 airplanes needed for the restart requires the additional staffing, recalling some furloughed crews.

Norwegian Air’s restarting of routes in Europe appears to be good news for many flyers. However, the U.S. market, flying 787s, most likely won’t happen until 2021. If you have any comments or questions please contact us here.

Featured Image: Unsplash.

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