Norwegian Air Engine Failure After Takeoff, return landing Alesund Norway

Norwegian Air Flight 413 had an engine failure on one of its B737s after takeoff from Alesund Vigra Airport in Norway today. The pilots made the decision to perform a precautionary return for landing. The plane landed safely back at Alesund Airport after circling around the area for a long time. The pilots did an excellent job handling the situation.

Sparks shot out of the engine

Passenger Stephanie Schlereth

According to passenger Stephanie Schlereth, sparks were coming out of the engine, followed by a loud bang. The plane then lost altitude and everything got very quiet.

Schlereth said the crew looked openly worried, resulting in herself becoming worried. She added that it took a long time before the passengers heard anything from the captain. However, she appeared to understand that was because the pilots were busy safely handling the airplane.

Passenger Elias

The 14-year-old Elias was flying alone as a minor. He described the incident in his own way, according to the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang:

“We heard a loud bang. The entire airplane shook, and then it got completely quiet for five seconds. It was traumatic and people were scared.”

Uneventful landing

This video shows a landing at Alesund Vigra Airport in Norway, the same airport where Norwegian Air returned for landing today. The landing performed in this clip is from a Dash 8-400 airplane, belonging to the Norwegian airline Wideroe. Video: YouTube.

The Norwegian 737 plane performed a safe one engine out landing back at Alesund Vigra Airport. Emergency equipment and personnel were standing by, as is routine during these types of incidents. The passengers and crew then deplaned.

Tweet from the MoreRomsdal Police Department: “Alesund airport. Emergency services are in place because of an airplane in the process of making an engine out landing at the airport.”

Norwegian Air comments

Norwegian’s spokesperson Charlotte Holmberg Jacobsson explained the entire incident as a precautionary and planned landing. Since technical problems occurred a precautionary landing was the right thing to do, prioritizing safety first.

The spokesperson had no details as to what exactly happened to the engine. The plane would be inspected later.

The passengers were booked on another plane, which left Alesund a little later with no incident.

Second engine failure return to landing incident in one week

Today’s Norwegian Air engine failure in Alesund was the second engine failure on an airliner to happen in one week. The first one of the week happened in Los Angeles. A Philippine Airlines 777 had an engine fire after departure from Los Angeles.

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