Norwegian Air being sued over ex Flight Attendant black-color lipstick issue

A former New York-based Norwegian Air flight attendant has sued her former employer over a lipstick issue!

The individual flight attendant lawsuit demands three million dollars in compensation from Norwegian Air.

Norwegian Air flight attendant was wearing black lipstick

The female flight attendant got fired from the airline in February of 2019. The lipstick-incident occurred during a flight from Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to Oslo (OSL) in January of the same year. 

Inflight, the flight attendant supposedly received a lipstick-scraper from the inflight flight attendant in charge, for using lipstick in an unregulated color.


The flight attendant was wearing BLACK lipstick!

Editorial opinion: Black lipstick while on duty is not an acceptable color for an airline flight attendant anywhere in the world, as far as what we, the full-time airline professionals at Captain Jetson, know. But then, in today’s “politically correct world”, who knows, we could see flight attendants with facial piercings, full-face tattoos, the Goth-look, and even green hair as a future norm!

Letter of Termination

The flight attendant was supplied to and working for Norwegian Air by the staffing company OSM Aviation.

OSM Aviation. YouTube.

The letter of termination from OSM Aviation’s representative said,

“On January 16, 2019, on flight DY7032, it was reported that you arrived for collection with what looked like black lipstick. NN, as you are aware, such a dark lipstick is not in line with the uniform regulations. “

Flight attendant’s lawsuit

The lawsuit appears to carry conflict with anti-discrimination law-differences between the laws of Norway (the home country of Norwegian’s flight attendant rules) and U.S. regulations.

The woman’s letter states,

“She was fired at least in part for the illegal and discriminatory basis of her alleged violation of the defendant’s lipstick policy, which the defendant only imposed on female employees,” the lawsuit from January this year, which is now pending before a New York court.”

For this, the woman demands compensation of three million dollars.

Uniform rules

norwegian sued over cabinattendant lipstick color
Norwegian Flight Attendant. Norwegian archives.

The letter quotes the flight attendant uniform rules of Norwegian Air. The rules require a “discreet” make-up, lipstick that matches the colors of the Norwegian uniform, and that a “uniform red lipstick can be used”.

According to the female flight attendant, the dismissal was discriminatory, since the lipstick rule according to the lawsuit only applied to women.

She refers to the guidelines from the New York Commission on Human Rights. The wording of the commission says that an employer cannot have different dress and appearance codes based on gender.

Norwegian Air and the staffing company OSM Aviation are jointly defending the claim, submitting their responses.

Both companies are rejecting the claim for the three million dollars.

Compensation claims rejected

OSM Aviation denies that the use of lipstick, in general, was the reason for the flight attendant’s termination.

The staffing company claims the reason the flight attendant got fired was that she did not comply with company policy. 

OSM also denies having implemented a “lipstick policy” that only applied to female employees.

“The relevant policy stipulates that if a member of the cabin crew chooses to use lipstick, the lipstick must be in certain shades of color,”

according to OSM’s attorney.

Norwegian’s crew-appearance policy in general

-“Yes, it is true that there are different requirements for men and women when it comes to makeup, hair, etc.,” Norwegian’s senior communications consultant Astrid Mannion-Gibson once told the newspaper VG.

So, Norwegian is being sued over flight attendant lipstick. Would you find black lipstick on an on-duty flight attendant professional and appealing? Let us know what you think. You can contact us here.

Sources: VG, Borsen, and airline insider information.

Featured Image: Black lipstick color,

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