New Norwegian Air Carry-On Baggage Rules

Norwegian Air has announced new carry-on baggage rules, effective immediately. However, the new policy does not affect bookings made before January 23, 2020.

Norwegian carry-on baggage rules are based on ticket types.

Among the changes, Norwegian has increased the size allowance of the under-seat bag storage.

The Norwegian Air Shuttle journey. Video: YouTube/Norwegian.

What has changed with the new Norwegian Air baggage rules?

new norwegian carry-on baggage rules
Norwegian Air boarding. Photo: Norwegian.

Carry-on baggage allowance

The total combined carry-on baggage weight allowance has increased for Flex and Premium ticket holders. The new weight allowance has been increased from 10 to 15 kilos (22.05 to 33.07 pounds).

Checked baggage allowance

Carry-on baggage allowance is not the only thing that has changed. Checked baggage maximum weight allowance has also been increased. The weight has increased from 20 to 23 kilos (44.09 to 50.7 pounds) for LowFare+ and Flex/Premium/PremiumFlex passengers.

Norwegian Air’s new baggage rule specifics for all ticket types

new norwegian carry-on baggage rules
Norwegian Air’s new baggage rules.

LowFare baggage rules

Passengers with LowFare tickets can now only bring one bag for below the seat storage.

For overhead bin bag storage, you’d have to add checked baggage or select a different ticket type when you book your flight. However, you can purchase an overhead cabin bin bag space up to four hours before departure.

The maximum weight for the under-seat storage bag is 10 kilos (22.05 pounds). The price of an additional overhead cabin bag ranges from US$8 for short-haul flights and US$12 for long-haul flights on Norwegian Air.

LowFare+ baggage rules

With a LowFare+ ticket, you can bring one overhead cabin bag, in addition to the under-seat bag. The maximum combined weight of the two carry-ons is 10 kilos (22.05 pounds).

If the cabin is full, LowFare+ customers’ carry-on baggage will be checked at the gate free of charge.

If you wish to secure space for your carry-on baggage in the overhead bin, you can add Priority Boarding to your booking. Then you’ll also be among the first passengers to board the airplane.

LowFare+ customers are allowed one checked bag. The maximum weight allowance is 23 kilos (50.7 pounds).

Flex/Premium/PremiumFlex baggage rules

With a Flex, Premium or PremiumFlex ticket you can bring one overhead cabin bag, in addition to the under-seat bag. The maximum combined weight of the two items is 15 kilos (33.07 pounds).

In addition, each Flex, Premium or PremiumFlex customer can bring two checked bags with a maximum weight of 23 kilos (50.7 pounds) each.

norwegian carry-on baggage rules, B737-800 moon background
A beautiful photo of a Norwegian B737-800 on approach. Photo: Norwegian Air.

“It’s important for us that everyone has a good travel experience when they fly Norwegian. It is a common misperception that there is enough room in the cabin for all passengers to bring an overhead cabin bag. However, most of our aircraft carry 186 passengers and has space for around 80 overhead cabin bags. Now, with the new policy in place, our goal is that boarding will be smoother for our passengers, we can avoid spending time rearranging carry-on baggage in the overhead lockers and help ensure that our aircraft depart on time,”

said Nybø Carlsen, VP Product Management at Norwegian Air.

What do you think about the new carry-on baggage rules at Norwegian Air? You can contact us here.

Featured Image: Norwegian Air.

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