London Heathrow Airport Worker Strike action Averted, for Now

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The long-dreaded London Heathrow airport worker strike-action planned for the beginning of August did not materialize. An agreement was made between the Unite Union and the Heathrow airport management. The dispute is over pay-issues.

4,000 London Heathrow workers were set to go on strike. According to Heathrow, the pay deal gives the workers a pay increase of 7.3% over the next two and a half years.

A London Heathrow Airport worker strike action is still possible!

The deal between Heathrow management and the Union is not final yet. First, the deal has to go to the union membership for a vote. Thus, the strike action planned for August 23 and 24 could still materialize.

Unite commented that the next possible strike action planned for August 23 and 24 remained on the table.

A spokesman for Heathrow airport management was optimistic: “Unite will now take an improved offer to its members and we remain hopeful that we can find a resolution and stop this disruptive and unnecessary threat of strike action.”

After-effects of the threatened strike announcement

Airlines had canceled 16 flights out of Heathrow for Monday. A few of the flights were reinstated as soon as the first strike action was called off.

Are you flying in or out of London Heathrow on August 23 or 24?

The walk-out could still happen. Please contact your airline for current information on their service status for those dates.

In the meantime, stay tuned on the British Airways pilot union dispute

The current Heathrow situation, as well as the Ryanair situation, could disrupt your travel plans for the remainder of this summer. In addition, a third issue is also present, which could have wide-spread effects on your travel plans.

No strike date has been set for the pilots of British Airways (BA) at this time. Their pilot union, British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA), is trying to achieve progress with BA’s management on the pilot contract. BALPA’s website states “BALPA will not announce any industrial action dates at this time”.

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